Housewives of NJ Stars Come to Ramapo, Promote Product


Some may recognize local bachelors Albie and Christopher Manzo from the hit reality television show, "The Real Housewives of New Jersey." But the brothers aren't all caught up in the glitz and drama of reality television. In fact, they are businessmen promoting a brand new and innovative product, BLK Water. Luckily for us, the brothers stopped by Ramapo College to discuss their product and the drive behind it, and answer any questions the packed audience had for them.

  The brothers' story is actually quite compelling. Albie, a former law student who struggled academically and eventually was forced to leave school, and his younger brother Christopher, who never even attended college, have put BLK Water on the map. Although it hasn't been easy, the brothers have always been determined to give this product their all.

  "This may be the craziest idea anyone's ever had, and we have to convince people to try it and go out there and buy it," Albie explained.

  BLK Water is a mixture of fulvic trace minerals and water. The minerals inside of it are supposed to rejuvenate and electrify one's body, and give it a natural black coloring. There are also no added artificial dyes and it contains zero carbs, calories and sugar. The Manzo boys were generous enough to distribute the product to all members in attendance to sample. Christopher and Albie Manzo travel coast to coast, from Dubai to Australia, convincing people to buy their product and promoting the benefits it has for those who drink it.

  They believe that their fame has only positively influenced the brand. In fact, both brothers credit the reality show for opening many different doors for them.

  "Huge buyers at these trade shows say they can't leave without taking a picture with Manzos because their wives would be mad," Christopher joked. "And we say OK well we can't leave without you buying cases of our water. So it works out."

  Perhaps more powerful than the product itself was the meaning the brothers attached to it. They stressed the importance of instilling a good work ethic and always remembering to keep determination and a positive attitude.

  "Do what makes you happy, work your ass off, be good to people, and good things will happen to you," Albie told the crowd of attentive college students.

  In fact, both Albie and Christopher haven't made a dime off of BLK Water. Christopher reminded the students that it's all about how far a person willing to go in order to become successful, and, to him, doing something he loves everyday is his own success, even if he doesn't make any money from it. Both of the brothers appreciate the benefits of the water and stand behind the nutritional value of it. They look at it like a job; a person has to give a little in order to get a little.

  Christopher and Albie were sure to answer all of the questions audience members had for them. They weren't shy in talking about what goes on behind the reality TV show, and were brutally honest and open with their responses. The brothers even stayed to chat and take pictures with every single student who went to the presentation.

  BLK Water is available at grocery stores around Ramapo College and on Each bottle is about $2.00, and it does not stain a person's teeth or clothes.

"One of my professors on the last day of school said that he used to think he had to be wealthy in order to be happy. It turns out that you have to be happy in order the wealthy. Those are certainly words I live by everyday," Albie concluded.