Perfect Tunes for Autumn Relaxation

Already marking their territory as one the top acts in the hardcore scene, hometown heroes of Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, Title Fight released “Floral Green,” one of the most anticipated albums to come out in the fall on Tuesday. A month prior to the announcement of the expected release date, the band gave eager fans a sneak peek of their newly anticipated sound with the release of their single “Head on the Ceiling Fan,” a blissful track that upholds elements of emotion and intensity to 90s alternative gems like Hum and The Smashing Pumpkins.

In contrast to their previous release “Shed,” Title Fight is definitely breaking boundaries with a uniquely maturing approach in song writing. Diving right into the album is the opening song “Numb, but I Still Feel It,” a ripping track that reveals the signature Title Fight sound we all know and love in full force. In comparison to the first two tracks of “Shed” (“Coxton Yard” and “Shed”) “Numb, but I Still Feel It,” is a song that will immediately give listeners anticipation of what to expect for the rest of the album. Transitioning into the next track, “Leaf” the opening guitar riffs will make you feel as if you’re stuck in a mesmerizing grassy maze with no way to escape.

Though notorious for their furious faced-paced sound, “Floral Green” is an album where listeners can hear an interesting combination of heavy hitting chords along with lighter, more soothing melodies. “Floral Green” also digs deep inside the creatively dark mind of bassist Ned Russin, who normally shares alternating lead vocal positions with guitarist Jamie Rhoden.

A track like “Sympathy” begs to question your sense of belonging in a socially changing world that moves faster than you expect it to. As Russin screams in the chorus, “I just want to be interesting,” this song conveys the discontents of not feeling comfortable in your own skin with who you are and where you want to be in life. In the vein of the classic soft/loud transition championed by the founding fathers of grunge and alternative rock, Russin’s hoarse vocal tone definitely compliments with the intensity of songs like “Secret Society” and “Make You Cry” in this release as well.

There is no doubt that “Floral Green” will help put your mind at ease as we approach the upcoming fall season. Every year, we watch the brisk autumn leaves vividly fall the trees. Though cold and bare, this tall tree stands anew, embracing its yearly change. This is the immediate sense of bliss that I experience when listening to “Floral Green” on constant repeat.

With every release they’ve put out since day one, Title Fight has shed their skin, embraced new feelings and poured their hearts out through creating heartfelt and honest music. With an appreciation for the innovative nature of classic alternative acts like Dinosaur Jr., The Smashing Pumpkins and Nirvana complimenting the signature Title Fight sound, “Floral Green” promises to become your favorite album of the fall.