Ramapo Students Underwhelmed by Prospect of New iPhone 5

The highly anticipated sixth iteration of the iPhone was announced on Sept. 12 to predictable fanfare and is scheduled to be released tomorrow, Sept. 21. 

The new phone is lighter and thinner than the 4S and has a larger screen and many new features. A record two million people pre-ordered online, twice as many for the 4S, and will likely receive them in early October. More rabid consumers have been waiting in line since last Friday to be sure to get theirs when they go on sale tomorrow. Some Ramapo students, however, are less than impressed. 

“It’s kind of pointless because it’s pretty much an updated version of the iPhone 4 and 4S, when those phones will be getting the same update anyway [with the new iOS 6 upgrade],” sophomore Sarah Durando said. “I don’t understand the point of spending more for what you already have.”

Sophomore Jordan Moses has the iPhone 4 and is not planning to upgrade.  

“I just bought the iPhone 4 in July, and judging from what I know of the iPhone 5, I would say it’s not worth it to get a slightly updated version,” Moses said. 

Many find fault with the new Lightning docking port, which is smaller than the original port but still uses standard USB 2.0 and is no faster than its predecessor despite the name, unlike the new, noticeably quicker Thunderbolt docking port on the MacBook. The Lightning port also requires a new cord or an adapter to connect to older iPhone accessories. 

“It’s annoying I have to buy a $29 cord,” sophomore Brian Wlodawski said. “It’s kind of ridiculous.” 

Wlodawski also mentioned that he likes the iPhone 5’s new turn-by-turn directions, but he said “the new software has it.”

Sophomore Nick Farsalla has an iPhone and is due for an update soon. 

“I could get the 4S or the 5, and I’m getting the 4S,” Farsalla said. “It’s basically the same thing in a different box, and you have to buy whole new cords.”

Other Ramapo students do not have iPhones and are not planning to get one. 

“I like simple phones,” sophomore Haven Krynicky said. “I dropped mine off a quad once and it was fine.”

Freshman Darrow Nemecek-Glack did not feel that Apple holds the monopoly on cutting-edge technology. 

“[The iPhone 5] is subpar,” Nemecek-Glack said. “The Galaxy S III has better specs and has better capabilities. I might get the iPod Touch just to have some iPhone-like functions, but it’s not worth having as a phone.”