Capital Campaign Slogans Leave Some Students Confused


Last fall, Ramapo debuted a marketing campaign with the slogan "Pushing Boundaries." The slogan has been featured in advertisements for the College, brochures, on the school website, highway billboards and masts posted throughout campus.

At the same time as the "Pushing Boundaries" launch, the marketing team unveiled a secondary slogan, "Further Our Promise," which didn't seem to catch students' attention until this fall. 

"Further Our Promise" has also appeared on the website and throughout college literature aimed at promoting fundraising donors. Several offices on campus feature a brief on-hold message, which talks about the "Further Our Promise" commitment to the adult education and certificate programs that Ramapo offers. 

Students have voiced mixed responses over the slogans, but administrators said the campaign is important in promoting the College.

Brittany Williams-Goldstein, special assistant to the president, said that "Pushing Boundaries" was a marketing campaign launched to create awareness of Ramapo College to donors, constituents and prospective students. An institution survey indicated that Ramapo was not as well known as other colleges in the area and often referred to as "New Jersey's Best Kept Secret." 

In an effort to give Ramapo a clear, more definable image, "Pushing Boundaries" was established. Williams-Goldstein explains that the campaign's promise hopes to communicate that Ramapo offers a fostering environment.

"The outstanding and devoted faculty of Ramapo College of New Jersey excel at teaching, mentoring and preparing students to succeed personally and professionally, all within the small, picturesque campus environment usually associated with an elite college," Williams-Goldstein said. 

She said that the campaign promise represents many of the positive attributes Ramapo boasts, including hands-on learning, a strong foundation for achievement and an affordable price.

The "Further Our Promise" fundraising campaign began concurrently with "Pushing Boundaries" to present Ramapo as an institution worthy of private and public support, and to raise funds for endowments, research, scholarships and other components of the capital project. It was also put in place to reinforce the "Pushing Boundaries" campaign, creating additional support for the College. 

However, some students do not agree with the College's slogan choices, or feel that the College does not need a slogan at all. 

Junior Jessica Kluge said she feels that the idea of "Pushing Boundaries" does not make sense. 

"It's just a bunch of words slapped together to me," Kluge said. "If we didn't have a slogan, at least it wouldn't give people the wrong idea. I like our school, and the slogan makes it sound silly." 

Kluge said that slogans can have meaning, but she feels "Pushing Boundaries" does not resonate with her or other students. 

Junior Stephanie Parker said the slogans are "good for administration but do not represent what Ramapo stands for." 

Parker said that a college slogan has the opportunity to promote school spirit or academics, but she doesn't feel that "Pushing Boundaries" does so for Ramapo students.

"I can't relate to the slogan," Parker said. "It seems disconnected from how I view Ramapo."

While the new capital campaigns have received mixed reviews from students, they seem to be gaining support from supporters and donors. The "Further Our Promise" campaign has gone beyond its $40 million fundraising goal and continues to gain support from benefactors. 

For the near future, the capital campaign slogans will be staying at Ramapo.