Discounted NJ Transit Bus Passes Now Available Online

Ramapo students have long had access to the NJ Transit system and have enjoyed the benefit of discounts provided by the College. Now, they can hop in line to grab a discount before they hop on board.

In the past, students wishing to use the discounted rail pass had to get one from NJ Transit. 

“Students now can sign up online on their Ramapo account for a transit pass,” said Elizabeth Joyce, coordinator of the shuttle service at Ramapo. “Before they couldn’t.” 

Ramapo students can log onto their Web Self Service accounts to sign up for a pass. 

“You can log in where you go and register and add or drop classes and sign up right there,” Joyce said. 

Not only is the new feature easier, but students also have access to all NJ Transit lines.

“Before the pass was only good for the train, but now you have access to the trains and busses,” Joyce said. 

Students have the choice of which form of transportation they want to take.

Junior Valerie Torrizo said she has used both the train and bus from Ramapo to travel to her internship in New York City.

“From experience, going to NYC is much better with the bus rather than taking the train because you’d have to transfer at Secaucus,” Torrizo said. “It all really depends on where in the city you are going and what time you need to be there.”

Torrizo said that the universal NJ Transit discount is “ideal.”

Public transportation is a viable option for students who cannot or choose not to drive their own vehicles into the city. The latest discount news has come at a great time to those looking for an alternative. 

“I’m sure there are kids that want to go into the city but don’t want to take their own car,” senior Richie Sorce said. “For whatever reason, be it they don’t want their car there or don’t feel comfortable driving there but taking the train or bus would be a big help.”

However, some students are still unaware of the discount program.

Sorce said he did not know about any discounts for the transit service. 

“I didn’t see any fliers for it, nor did anyone tell me about it,” Sorce said. “I’m pretty sure none of my friends know about it either.”

Joyce said that in the past there hadn’t been any concerted efforts to advertise the available discounts. However, from this point and into the future, the school will be doing a better job of that. 

“We’ll do fliers and we’ll do posters… as soon as we have people to do it,” Joyce said. 

The College hopes to increase student awareness and encourage students to take advantage of the discounts offered, Joyce said.

The goal is to get students to utilize this and many other benefits the school has to offer. With Ramapo being so close to New York City, the upgraded NJ Transit program is sure to attract students and bring them out of their dorm rooms and into activities outside of campus.