Fall in Love with Fashion: Looks for Chilly Weather

The leaves are turning colors, the weather is getting chilly and Starbucks has brought back the pumpkin spice latte. Fall has arrived, and along with the changing weather and caffeinated treats, we are also transitioning into our autumn wardrobes. Overall, this particular fall season offers more elegant trends than the past. While we all know fall as the season for jeans and comfy sweaters, the fashion powers that be are also insisting on infusing some ladylike colors, accents and accessories for fall 2012. Here are a few trends to keep in mind as the leaves tumble to the ground: 

The colder months usually inspire us to wear more significant footwear; riding boots with skinny jeans are a chic cool-weather combo. However, consider donning ankle boots–otherwise known by their abbreviated title, “booties.” Booties look good with skinny jeans and short dresses, and are a more understated take on the heavy boots that dominate the cooler months. The heel of the majority of the booties being sold in stores like Urban Outfitters are short and chunky, which make them easier to walk in, and practically fall-proof. Typically, they are made with suede or leather, which adds to the effortless chic look that is on everyone’s radar for this season. 

Another dominating trend for the fall is an embellished collar. Adorning the necks of models in New York, Paris and Milan, this dainty accent propels a sleek look into classic territory. However, what sets this trend apart from any button down shirt with a collar is that the majority of the pieces shown during Fashion Week were adorned with rhinestones, sparkles and studs. Depending on your personality, you can adjust what embellishments your collar contains: Rhinestones are refined, sparkles are fun and festive and studs are edgy. If you are less trend sensitive and do not want to buy 10 embellished collar shirts when the trend will likely be obsolete come spring (because let’s face it, it probably will), invest in a collar necklace at a store like H&M. They are a cheap and cute way of incorporating this trend into your wardrobe for the next few months, and you can layer the necklace over any shirt of your choosing. 

Like collars, peplum is another stately trend that has taken fashion by storm. Peplum occurs when extra material in a garment folded up at the waist, which extends downwards. The trend has been incorporated in shirts, skirts, and dresses, and is a sophisticated yet playful way of adding structure to a look. Celebrities like Rihanna and Diane Kruger have modeled this look on the red carpet, solidifying it as one of the most sought after styles of the season. Another bonus of peplum is that it accentuates curves at the waist by adding emphasis to that area. The silhouette is flattering on any body type and is appropriate for any formal occasion, so look out for peplum in the holiday season. 

Every season, there is a specific color that draws the attention of the entire fashion world; last spring it was “tangerine tango,” and this fall it is oxblood. It may sound violent, but the deep burgundy shade was this year’s most present trend on every runway and fall collection. It is the perfect color to invoke the maroon leaves, cranberries and vampy moodiness that continue to inspire fall fashion year after year. Virtually every type of clothing is currently being sold in an oxblood hue: jeans, shirts, sweaters, scarves, coats, shoes, etc. The popularity of this trend lies in its versatility–everyone looks good in red, and scarlet always autumnal. 

Of all the trends highlighted for this fall, whether it be collars, peplum or booties, make sure they are sold in oxblood. And remember, trends are suggestions, not rules.