Muggle Quidditch Sweeps through Ramapo Campus

Quidditch, the wizarding sport of flying brooms and fierce competition, has touched down on Ramapo's campus. The sport, which is derived from the magical world of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series, can be spotted at the Bandshell every week. 

Ramapo's Quidditch team was created last year by this year's co-captain Ysabel De La Riva and Director of Intramurals Todd Lizzo. The large number of people that came to watch practices and scrimmages generated a new club, Dumbledore's Army, which is dedicated to preserving the magic of the Harry Potter series in the "muggle" world. Thanks to the widespread interest, Quidditch has gained popularity.

While the infamous flying Firebolt broomstick has yet to be invented, players still have to run on the ground with brooms between their legs. The rules are very similar to those in Harry Potter's world with slight modifications. For example, players use volleyballs and dodgeballs instead of the heavy, iron balls used in the series. 

The snitch is also much bigger. Instead of a tiny golden ball the size of a walnut, the snitch is a fast man or woman dressed in bright yellow with a tennis ball in a golden bag who must run to evade the pursuing seekers. While capturing the snitch isn't worth 150 points like in the books, the game will not end until the snitch is caught. 

Though the Ramapo Quidditch team does not yet participate in the International Quidditch Association, which boasts a membership of nearly 100 official teams, it can still play against other schools in the area. Games are announced at Dumbledore's Army meetings and in the club's Facebook group.

To join the Quidditch team, contact De La Riva at or Lizzo at