Sequel Corrects Issues in Original Game

Back in 2009, a new shooter hit the shelves that no one was quite sure of called “Borderlands.” Some first impressions from screenshots left people skeptical, since it seemed that someone made “Call of Duty” into a cartoon. 

However, that unique cartoon style artwork would eventually become the staple of the series and help create an identity for the series that was enough to draw many players in. The game was a huge hit and fans were overjoyed when 2K announced a sequel. Lines were out the door this year at E3 just to demo the upcoming “Borderlands 2” but the long wait is finally over as the game hit shelves last Tuesday. Many were skeptical as to whether or not the sequel would have the same charm as the original, but reviews are agreeing that it holds even more. 

One of the biggest complaints of its predecessor was the lack of a narrative; while it was always fun to run and gun at all the psychos, the game didn’t have the most riveting tale. Players will be happy to know that the story is much more expansive in the sequel. Gamers are now on a search for the true vault on Pandora, but the planet has been taken over by a man named Handsome Jack. His desperate search for the vault had lead him to kill all in his way and drill deep into he planets core in order to find it. You play as a vault hunter who was attacked by Handsome Jack and is the sole survivor. Together, with a cast of some of some new and familiar faces, players must find the vault and stop Handsome Jack. 

Along with a new narrative, “Borderlands 2” brings back what the original did so well, guns. The number of weapons in this game is never ending as players journey across Pandora, and all are needed in order want to stop Handsome Jack. 2K added a few unique twists to the weapons as well, such as a few that reload by throwing them like a grenade at your enemies and then rematerialize in your hands. The overwhelming amount of weapons and their unique abilities add to the already fun adventure on Pandora. 

If you were a fan of the original “Borderlands,” then this is definitely a game to pick up. Fans will be able to relive some great memories while also creating new ones. The game’s multiplayer is very expansive as well as you can play online or have a friend hop in and help you in your quest to find the vault. Even those new to the game that enjoy shooters will definitely be able to find something fun to do on Pandora, even if it’s on their own. “Borderlands 2” is definitely a game to not miss this season.