ShoreShot Combines Rap and Hip-Hop at TNL

The College Programing Board kicked off its second Tuesday Night Live with rap and hip-hop artist, ShoreShot.Geneva Gamblin from the CPB said they picked ShoreShot after seeing him at the National Association for Campus Activities Conference this summer. 

Early before the event started, the performer practiced and tested out their equipment, also handing out free CDs to the people who were there early before their performance started and who stood till the end.

The student opener for this Tuesday Night Live was Tahir Register, a senior at Ramapo.

“I’m a singer; I always like opportunities to showcase my singing voice and to get new fans,” Register said.

Tahir started off by trying to energize the crowd by making people clap their hands and saying how he was going to take them on a rollercoaster. And he did by singing soft ballads, such as Adele’s “Someone Like You” and ended it by singing Frank Ocean’s, “We all Try.” The crowd loved him, clapping after each song. 

Not only was he a singer, but a comedian, making the crowd laugh when he spoke in between his performance.

After the opening act, ShoreShot took the stage. 

“He was an amazing artist, the whole vibe of the music I could understand and connect with it,” junior Malcolm Minor said.

Look out for more information for future TNL performers.