Meal Discount Program for Cash Customers

Dining Services is offering a new, free meal program to cash users that includes discounts and free meals. The program, called CINCH, operates like a frequent buyer card in the resident dining halls and benefits consumers without meal plans. 

Students, faculty and staff can sign up for the program with cashiers at the Birch Tree Inn or Trustees Pavilion and will immediately receive a 50 percent off one-time-use meal coupon. A frequency card will also be issued in order keep track of meals purchased. For every three meals purchased, CINCH members will get the fourth meal free. On a member’s 12th meal, the frequency card will be filled and can be turned in at Dining Services’ office where the member will receive another coupon for 20 percent off the next meal and can begin filling a new CINCH card.

The program is also intended to spread cash customers throughout all three dining halls during common hour. The Atrium, which overflows during common hour on most days, is primarily a cash location. CINCH will help encourage cash customers to eat in the resident dining halls, the Birch Tree Inn and Trustees Pavilion as well.

“It’s great for commuters who don’t want to add Ramapo Dollars onto their cards for whatever reason, and it’s really great for faculty and staff members, who frequent the resident dining more than five or six times,” said David Carreras, operations manager for resident dining.

Though some commuters were unaware of the new program, they agreed that it is a good opportunity.

“I’m always looking to save money because I’m a commuter and spend a lot on gas,” said senior Raven Clarke-Lucas.

Senior commuter Amanda Morse said the program is a bonus for the already-reasonably priced dining halls. Though she usually packs her lunch, Morse said the CINCH program “would be convenient if I forget my lunch one day.”

Dining Services has been in the process of getting CINCH up and running for the past three years. During that time, there was a lot of confusion on how exactly the program should be structured. 

Other meal plans are generally structured for resident students who pay for their meals plans per semester. However, because CINCH is based on the cash program, it is good for an entire academic year. 

CINCH is exclusive to cash customers and does not allow students with meal plans or Ramapo Dollars to participate. It cannot be combined with other offers.

Carreras said all cash customers should take advantage of CINCH.

“There’s no purchase necessary. The benefit of just getting the 50 percent off for doing nothing, even that initial first coupon makes it worthwhile to just come in and sign up for it,” Carreras said. “It’s a no-brainer. All it is is a benefit.”