New Program Unveiled for Sophomores

This year Ramapo College sophomore students have a chance to get involved and boost their resumes with the SAIL program. The SAIL program is a Leadership Certificate program, according to Brandon Martin, a Graduate Assistant in the Center for Student Involvement. 

Through monthly seminars, students will be able to gain leadership experience and participate in community events and community service. 

“Students have an opportunity to earn certification. They attend workshops and get involved with campus events,” said Kat McGee, Associate Director of the Center for Student Involvement. 

Nick Lalueza, a sophomore, sees this as a big opportunity to gain valuable experience.

“That’s a pretty good deal because involvement shows initiative. That’s what people are looking for, and community service is a big plus both personally and professionally,” Lalueza said.

Sophomores interested are welcome to apply to the program, 30 students is the target for 2012-2013. 

“They [sophomores] can put it on resumes for jobs and internships. It shows leadership experience,” said McGee.

The SAIL program is a great start for students looking to gain real world experience when it comes to developing skills. Students in the program can expect to attain problem-solving, communication and conflict skills. 

Lalueza sees this as a perfect place for kids to work with others, which is an essential skill in the workforce.

“At work, you have to work with others and game plan. There are problems, so you have to think critically to solve them. SAIL sounds like a great place, almost like a workshop for beginners,” Lalueza added.

Patrick Jaron, a sophomore, feels this is a great start for students who want more things to do on campus. 

“We all can feel that there hasn’t been much to do. That’s the stigma the school has. But this program can get us involved. I’m certainly interested in something like this. It could open so many doors in the future,” Jaron said. 

The SAIL program is just the beginning of a new initiative from Ramapo to put on events geared towards certain classes. 

The school planned a hike for sophomores at the Ramapo Reservation, but the hike had to be cancelled due to lack of participation. 

In an e-mail, Kate Levin, Assistant Director of Sports Information at Ramapo, said that the hike is still hopeful to take place in the near future with a better number of students willing to participate. 

The program is focused on second year students and does not necessarily address the other classes. Kenny Stengel, a junior, says that while this is a great chance for students, it should be open to others. 

“I really don’t see why it’s just for sophomores. As a junior, I could use something as valuable as this. It’d be great if they could open it up for all of us, or even offer something similar to the rest of us,” Stengel said. 

Successfully completing the SAIL program gives students an opportunity to sport an honor card, which they can wear at their commencement ceremony at graduation. Students will also be awarded an official certificate to display with other accomplishments. 

“I got involved on campus during my sophomore year. This is an opportunity for usto help students get involved and create student leaders today,” McGee said.