Octoberfest Carnival Offers Fun for Dozens of Families, Students

Dozens upon dozens of students gathered at the Bandshell this past Saturday afternoon from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. for Ramapo College’s annual Octoberfest carnival.

The crisp air and the warm sun provided the perfect atmosphere for activities such as an inflatable jousting game where students fought to knock each other over, as well as other carnival themed games like a ring toss. Family Day was also linked with Octoberfest for the second year in a row, giving families the chance to enjoy the carnival after attending workshops.

Some of the activities at the carnival included caricatures, where students and their families lined up to get exaggerated drawings done. Wax hand sculptures were also being crafted by dipping a participant’s hand into warm wax, letting it cool off, removing it from their hand and keeping it as a unique souvenir.

A photo booth was set up for people to get their pictures taken, in addition to professional photos being taken against a backdrop. Inflatable sculptures were also set up on the grass, including a dragon to crawl through that attracted the younger relatives that came to visit for Family Day.

Students and families circled around tables to eat chicken parm sandwiches, caramel apples, funnel cakes and more carnival themed food items, as a man walked around on stilts and a magician performed card tricks for anyone who wanted to see.

Many students flocked to the event to get a free Octoberfest t-shirt as well as fill themselves up with the different varieties of food.

“I love free t-shirts,” said junior Monica Jimenez. “You can never have enough shirts.”

Near-perfect weather along with the addition of Family Day occurring at the same time provided a large turnout for the event with people of all ages.

“The weather was perfect too,” added Jimenez. “It’s nice getting out of your room and going out and having fun with other college students.”

Freshman Elyse Connolly said she didn’t mind that they were simultaneously happening.

“I like that it was the same day as Family Day,” she said. “There were lots of fun activities to do with my family.”

Connolly said overall she enjoyed the Octoberfest festivities.

“I was surprised. There was much more than I expected,” she said. Octoberfest didn’t stop when the carnival ended, but instead continued Saturday night with a Battle of the Bands at the Bandshell from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m.