Buy Fresh, Local Products This Fall at Outdoor Market

During the fall, one can indulge in a lot of festivities that are perfect for the weekend: whether it is pumpkin picking, apple picking or a stroll through the park. Another such activity is the weekly farmers' market held at Ramsey Main street station each Sunday.

This market not only sells food but many other gems that are perfect gifts for friends, family and even yourself. This past Sunday, the market even held an Artisan's Corner to feature local artists' crafts and goods, like Homemade Pottery.

Homemade Pottery sells dishes that the potter, Jennifer Stein, molds right in front of shoppers' eyes.

A creative business that has been 19 years in the making, partners Stein and Kathy Peck use various artifacts to create their earth-toned homemade valuables, including mugs, platters and bowls. 

"I like my pieces to look like they belong in a home, something that makes guests comfortable and can be used for any occasion," Peck explained.

One of Homemade Pottery's standout pieces was a vase that clearly illustrated the passion these women had for their work, a vase that was not only hand crafted but incorporated very specific detail, including sea shells, sea enchants and seaweed. This vase was so detailed that it looked like it had been made of fabric. Homemade Pottery's items range anywhere from $10 to $500 and would make perfect additions to any holiday dinner.

The Ramsey Rescue Squad was also at the market to sell hand-crafted Halloween decorations by members of their team. The money earned from decoration purchases is donated to the squad to create a stronger foundation for saving lives daily.

This market is a great way for students to not only get out and enjoy some fresh air but to save money on the food they are purchasing for their dorms.

"Students could really benefit greatly by going to any farmer's market. It goes beyond the obvious of getting to try many new things. They help by supporting local economies and farmers, and at the same time benefit by knowing who and where their products are coming from, how they were made, and what are the values of the producer," sophomore Donna Elazar said. "It is a much more sustainable practice and a better experience than shopping in a conventional supermarket. At a farmers' market, you are closer to your food, making you closer to the earth, and a better global citizen overall."

Beverly Walsh, a three-year veteran with the Ramsey Historical Association and Farmers' Market Committee, also promotes the town at the market.

"This market is perfect [for] college students because it's cost effective," Walsh said. "Rather than going to a supermarket such as A&P or Pathmark, coming here during the weekend will supply students with long lasting food that is sometimes cheaper than store bought food and most definitely healthier."

Various local growers and food producers promote their products by giving out free samples and allowing potential customers to taste the quality before the buy the quantity. There is a variety of food sold at the market like vegetables, gluten-free/vegan cookies, gourmet nuts and bread, apples and spices.

Needless to say, this market has all the tools a Ramapo College students would need to eat healthier while keeping some money in their pockets.

"The Ramsey Farmers' Market was an amazing experience. I went with a group of friends and got to see what all the people had to offer from their tables or booths," Elazar said. "Many gave out complimentary samples so you could try their food or product. We loved being about to try out different things. I really liked the natural honey."

The Ramsey Farmers' Market is open every Sunday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 8 West Main Street, in the parking lot of the train station. According to the market website, it they will be open outside through Nov. 18 and will reopen indoors at Eric Smith School, 73 Monroe St., from Dec. 2 to late March.

For more information, you can also check out the Ramsey Farmers' Market Facebook page or website,

Eating right and saving money while enjoying a fall-filled, festive environment seems to fit in perfectly for this semester, and the Ramsey Farmers' Market offers this and more with their limitless supply of whole, natural food.