Costume Inspiration Comes from Familiar Faces, TV Favorites


Halloween is quickly approaching, and it’s never too early to start thinking about your costume. This year, instead of going to your local Halloween store and picking out an overpriced, generic costume, try making one of your own. It’s much cheaper and lets you get a little more creative.

The past few years have brought us new and exciting reality television shows that offer great characters to imitate on the one day of the year that it’s acceptable to pretend to be someone you’re not. Here are a few ideas on how to dress up like your favorite personality from reality TV.

Honey Boo Boo

It seems that no other reality show has demanded so much attention recently than “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,” a show about the adventures of a family who revolves their life around a young beauty queen contestant. If you’re looking to get some laughs, bring out the sparkly tutus and tiaras this Halloween. You can buy tutus online with a simple search in Google, or you can make your own with tule in order to save money. There are dozens of tutorials online, and the process is simple. Any shirt with glitter will also do, and don’t forget to put on a crown. Feel free to cake on the blush and mascara. Last but not least, make sure to bring along a stuffed animal version of your pet pig, Glitzy. Don’t forget to smile and wave as you trick or treat.

Jersey Shore 

The go-to costume over the past few years has been anyone from “Jersey Shore,” but things are different this year. As the show comes to its final season, it only seems right to honor the cast for one last Halloween. 

The most popular every year of course is Snooki, but if you’re looking to dress up like the self proclaimed “meatball” this year, there are a few changes to make. The poof is long gone and has been replaced by big bows and flower headbands-the new signature Snooki hair-do. The clothes, however, have remained somewhat the same. You can still drown yourself in leopard print and wear the biggest high heels you can find, but remember you’re not spending the night at Karma. Carrying around a baby doll with the name Lorenzo will let everyone know you’re the new and improved Snooki.

Mob Wives

With two seasons down and a third premiering this year, VH1’s “Mob Wives” has quickly become one of the most watched guilty pleasures in reality television. The women of the show offer plenty of reasons why someone would want to dress up like them for Halloween, and it’s easy to do. First, you have to find a dress, preferably one that looks expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Next, wear a pair of heels that can be taken off at any moment in case a fight breaks out. Last but not least, don’t leave the house without your fur coat. You’re not considered a mob wife unless you have one. Of course, which woman you want to portray is up to you.


Girls aren’t the only ones who get to dress up like reality stars on Halloween. One of the most famous men to come out of reality television is Simon Cowell, who is a judge on “The XFactor.” All you need is a v-neck T-shirt that’s one size too small and a pair of aviator sun glasses. Make sure you talk in a British accent all night and tell people they’re “dreadful” or “simply awful.” Trying not to smile helps, too.

These costumes are easy to construct and will put you in the category with the Hollywood elites.