A Letter from the Web Editor: Welcome to the New Website

Most people today, particularly college students, ingest the majority of their news online. Starting today, Ramapo College students can now get their Ramapo News content, including campus, local and national news, opinion and columns, arts and entertainment features, and college and pro sports stories on the web. Like most professional publications and many college newspapers, the Ramapo News now has its own website at ramaponews.com. The site will include weekly stories from the print edition as well as breaking news, exclusive photos, multimedia and other content. 

Ever wanted to look up a detail in a Ramapo News story weeks later, advertise a featured event, or send a copy of a story you’re quoted in to your grandma? The web version gives students the option of linking to stories on their Facebook pages or sending them by email. Want to check out pictures of an event or sports game you missed? While we can only fit one or two photos for each story in the print edition, online you can see entire slideshows of photos from campus events. Do you want news delivered right to your inbox? Sign up for our newsletter. Do you want to sound off on an opinion or point raised in one of our articles? Comment on a story and share your thoughts. There’s even a mobile version of the site for students’ hand-held devices, so you can check up on the Ramapo News on the go. 

At the Ramapo News, we do not believe that the print newspaper is dead (yet), but from now on, Thursdays also means we will be producing a new web edition as well as our regular print issue hot off the presses. We are dedicated to providing the campus community with the best possible news coverage, which in today’s world means web coverage. 

I’d like to thank the entire staff for their support, particularly the three editor-in-chiefs this long arduous process has gone through: the lovely Megan Anderle, who didn’t hesitate to encourage me to go for it, the dynamic Elyse Toribio, the best ally anybody could ask for, and our current beloved leader, Nicole Alliegro, who inherited this daunting project and hung in there with the best of them. 

Without our web adviser Edna Negron, this site might not have gotten off the ground, and our technical adviser Dan Sforza provided a lot of helpful input along the way. Our Creative Director Matt Giuliari has gone above and beyond and done SO much hard work on the design (and re-design) of the site and advertising our launch. I’d also like to thank all the administrators who helped this project come to fruition. 

This website will outlive this staff and be a lasting asset to the campus community, bringing us–finally–into the 21st century.