Musician Dillon Francis Stops at Webster Hall on First Floor

Starting on Sept. 13, EDM musician Dillon Francis embarked on his first headlining tour across the country. The Wet & Reckless tour presented by Girls and Boys, which also featured Flosstradamus in September and Clockwork and Baauer in November, visited Webster Hall in New York City on Friday Nov. 9, where the artists performed for a sold out venue. Guests and employees alike were heard commenting on the capacity of the second and third floors, stating that not even on New Year’s Eve have they ever seen such a turnout. It seems Francis knows how to throw a party.

Doors for the event opened at 10 p.m., and the opening acts, Alex English along with RekLES and special guests, played their sets back-to-back, which allowed the packed crowd to warm up for the headliners who were soon to follow. Their playlists featured songs ranging from house, dubstep and trap, all which pleased a crowd of nearly 1,500 people. Around midnight, Clockwork took the stage, playing hits such as “Hulk,” a track later remixed by none other than Francis himself. Keeping a crowd as large as the one at Webster Hall interested and dancing all night is no easy task, but Clockwork completed the challenge effortlessly.

After what seemed like an eternity, Francis took the stage and was welcomed by screaming fans. Somewhere between 1:30 and 2 a.m., the crowd at Webster Hall began to feel the energy that only a DJ as talented as Francis can bring to a room filled with people who danced and waited for more than three hours. It was easy to tell right from the start that it had been well worth the wait.

Francis is best known for his music featured in the moombahton genre, which is a mixture between house music and reggatone. Songs like “Dill The Noise” and “Falling Up” helped him to become one of the most recognized moombahton artists around. This is also thanks to his collaborations with other similar artists such as Diplo, whose track “Expresses Yourself” made an appearance during Dillon’s nearly two hour set, much to the approval of the crowd. Other highlights of the night included the songs “I.D.G.A.F.O.S,” one of Dillon’s most popular tracks, and his newest single “Bootleg Fireworks.”

Everything about the night was as close to perfect as you can get. Even with minor hiccups, like when Francis’s computer froze in the middle of his remix to “This Is How We Do It” by Montell Jordan, the crowd continued to sing along until the problem was fixed; the audience didn’t mind, it was as if nothing had gone wrong.

Francis’ fan base is one of the main reasons he is able to sell out shows across the country. He has always remained very connected to them, through not only Facebook and Twitter, but also websites like Tumblr. He has made his obsession with cats and Taco Bell well known to his fans, and his humor is one of his most appealing qualities as a musician. If that weren’t enough to win you over, days before his NYC concert, he posted on Facebook that he would donate all of the profits from the nights show to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Becoming successful for him was not only about his talent in music, but his likability as well. If ever given the opportunity to attend a Francis show, I would highly recommend it–you’ll be very glad you went.