Throwback Thursday Takes Students Back to the 90s

Last week, Ramapo College held Throwback Thursday in the Student Center, an event put together by the College Programming Board to gather students in a 90s themed night to play games, eat and reminisce their childhoods.

This event was held by popular demand and was clearly a success shortly after it began The Student Center was surrounded by large board game decorations, such as Connect the Dots and video games like "Mario" and "Mortal Combat." Students snacked not only on chicken fingers and pizza, but also on 90s sweets such as double bubble gum and pixie powder. This was enough to transport Ramapo students back into the 1990s, where their childhood was filled with board games and freeze tag rather than angry birds on an iPad.

"The College Programming Board decided to hold this event after it was posed by a member last semester. Thinking it would be a hit, the on campus programmers followed through and worked with Any Excuse for a Party to make it happen," Elida Alfaro, a CPB member, said. "We hold events almost every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, so it was really just a matter of picking a day once we decided we wanted it to be held."

The event got rave reviews from students in attendance.

"My favorite activity was the scratch art," said sophomore Emily Gang. "I remember doing those back in daycare. I miss Bop Its and Chinese Jump Ropes. I always played those with my group of friends when I was young."

Not only were students involved with games and crafts, but they could also sing along to classic 1990s songs, such as Be" by the Spice Girls and "Girls of the Summer" by LFO. 

"I really liked the fact that they played the music of the 90s," sophomore Courtney Brick said. "It was fun listening to some of the songs that I hadn’t heard in a while. I also liked the spin art because I also hadn’t done that in a while."

With between five and seven round tables filled with candy and arts and crafts, students interacted with one another and relieved some stress from a busy school week filled with midterms.

"I honestly believe the event was very successful," Alfaro said. "We had about 60 students attend throughout the night and even had trouble wrapping it up and having students leave because they were thoroughly enjoying themselves. All the students who attended were able to leave with things they made and we able to be essentially ‘thrown back’ into the decade most of us grew up in, in only a couple hours. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and to us as the College Programming Board means the most in terms of success."