College Divide: Can Your Relationship Survive the Distance?

College is full of challenges, but these challenges aren’t limited to class work and finding time to sleep. Many students find themselves working hard at other things besides their homework, especially when it comes to relationships.

Being away at school makes it hard on couples in long distance relationships, but there are ways to stay in touch. Many people have found that if you put just as much effort into your relationship as you do into your homework, the distance will only make you stronger.

No matter if you left your significant other in your hometown or you go to separate schools, distance is still distance. According to, 32.5 percent of all college relationships are long distance, so if you find yourself in that category, you know just how difficult it can be.

Luckily, technology gives advantages that those in letter writing days couldn’t have imagined. Cell phones easily become your best friend if you happen to be a part of that 32.5 percent.

Texting is just one way to always keep in touch, but it might get boring after a while, so don’t limit yourself to just talking. Search the app store for new ways to stay connected, like Snapchat. Snapchat allows you to send picture messages back and forth to your friends, and of course, your long distance loved one. It’s just one of many ways to change things up, and practice your funny faces.

“It’s difficult because my boyfriend lives an hour away, but we set a day aside for him to come to me or vice versa,” junior Chelsea Bischoff said. “We try to make the most of our time together.”

Of course, there’s nothing better than actually spending time with someone who is far away for most of the year. Taking the time to plan visits, whether they’re every weekend, or once a month, ensures that you have something to look forward to. The visiting may not happen as often as you want, but there’s no doubt that however little time you have to spend together will be worth the wait. Location is also important.

“My boyfriend and I used to try to get together one night a week while I was at school, but he always wanted me to come home instead of him coming up to visit me. It was annoying that he never wanted to hang out at school” junior Angie Lebron said.

Making sure that you each put in an equal amount of effort is key to maintaining a long distance relationship, and that includes planning trips to see one another. You should each get to experience where the other person is living and going to school to help you understand one another better. It’s not just about spending time and money to travel; it’s about the learning experience.

Even if you’re able to use all of these things to your advantage, in the end, it comes down to you. Trusting yourself and your partner is an easy way to avoid pointless arguments and spur-of-the-moment bad decisions. Be positive, work hard and have fun. It’s never to early to start your countdown until your next break and the next time you’ll get to see your long distance loved one.