Fans Retire Their Fangs with ‘Breaking Dawn Part II’

Twi-hards were decked in fangs and fur for the debut of their beloved saga’s final film, “Breaking Dawn – Part 2.” Fan makeup did little to mask the tears shed by the audience as the credits rolled and put an end to a four-year journey.

The film was an adaptation of the final half of Stephenie Meyer’s last novel in the Twilight Series, for which the movie is named.

Members of “Team Edward,” “Team Jacob” and “Team Switzerland” sold out theaters across the country on the Nov. 16 premiere.

“Breaking Dawn – Part 2” earned an estimated $30.4 million nationwide at 10 p.m. and midnight screenings on Thursday. To date, it has earned approximately $226.8 million in box office sales.

Though these figures were expected given the saga’s record-breaking history, “Breaking Dawn – Part 2” seemed far more deserving than the other four.

Viewers did not miss a breath as the continuation begins just where the last left off; Bella awakes as a vampire with ruby-red newborn eyes. Being a fan of the books first, I was nervous as to how Mrs. Cullen’s transformation would be depicted.

I sat in awe in the packed front row as the skeptical voice in my head was silenced with Bella’s first steps.  The movie exceeded all expectations with its better-than-ever ability to depict senses and its meticulous attention to detail and scenery.

There was definitely an “artsy” vibe to the film, as cameras panned over landscapes, through spider webs of silk and over mountainous waterfalls. Through director Bill Condon’s eyes, Forks, Wash. seemed more desirable than ever, and the cast certainly followed in the town’s footsteps.

Kellen Lutz’s Emmett seemed more buff than ever, Kristen Stewart’s Bella reached her peak beauty as a bloodsucker and Taylor Lautner’s signature Jacob abs graced the screen once again, more chiseled than ever.

Perhaps even more pleasing was the infamous banter that returned to the big screen between the Edward-Jacob duo. As tension among the two grew, so did their sarcastic commentary that audiences know and love.

My biggest fear before the big debut was that there was not enough plot to hold the film together. The major elements of Meyer’s last novel had already played out in the previous film; the Cullens wed and honeymooned, Bella gave birth and awoke a new breed and Jacob imprinted on Renesmee. I was not sure there was enough left over for a solid movie.

I learned, however, that the brilliance behind the latest movie was that there was actually only one major event left to tell, so the film challenged other parts of the flick that may have otherwise been overlooked in the previous adaptations.

From the first to the last, each film grew progressively better. Now, I will probably never again watch the original “Twilight,” because the saga’s increased budgets and attention to special effects and detail put it to shame.

The very end of “Breaking Dawn – Part 2” takes viewers on an emotional journey, highlighting moments from previous films in the series. Impressively, this was still accomplished without straying from the storyline.

As our beloved Edward and Bella Cullen spoke their final lines, Meyer’s book was shown closing on the very last page of her very last book bolding the very last word. This totally-just-gave-me-chills edit was a powerful way to symbolize the ending of a monumental saga.