Sweatpants or Suits? What Your Outfit Says About You

People use their attire to reflect their personality. It’s often said not to judge a book by its cover, but unfortunately it happens everyday. People judge just about everything about a person’s appearance, from grooming to  clothing to level of confidence, in the first seven seconds of meeting them. In order to carry ourselves well throughout the day, therefore, it is important to be extremely conscious about what we put on.

“Forbes” magazine says that people who dress in clothing too large for their body are often trying to cover up a flaw or “defect” in their body that is not necessarily there. Conversely, other people wear clothes that are too tight that is completely uncomplimentary to their body type, thinking falsely that they look good in these clothes. When they look in the mirror they might see a reflection of the way their body once was. 

A lot of people wrongly believe that in order to look stylish and classy they should swathe themselves in designer logos. According to “Forbes,” this can actually have the opposite effect. Showing off outlandish, over-the-top jewelry or designer clothes is a scream for attention. This showing off broadcasts wealth in a manner that is not at all tasteful, but actually tacky.

“Esquire” says that sometimes a person’s best choice in outfit is going with a more subtle choice. Less is more; ladies try to pick something that is simple, not boring. Wearing all neutral tones and no accessories is being far too safe. Do not be afraid to shake it up a little. Adding a bold accessory can draw up all the right kinds of attention.

“I think fashion do’s are just keeping your outfit simple: always pairing a plain shirt with a necklace, mixing patterns with a solid color is always good too,” sophomore Samantha Santo said. “The style I prefer to wear to class is laid-back. My favorite is to wear leggings and a comfortable shirt. I feel it shows that I’m a pretty relaxed person. I look put together, which is important.”

Everyone has days when they fall prey to lazier inclinations. Sometimes people wake up and do not put much thought into what they wear. We put on the loosest pair of sweats we can find with the biggest hoodie known to man. Yes, we are only human and are allowed to have these days every so often. If this becomes a daily habit, however, then you might be sending out the wrong message about your personality. TLC’s hit TV show “What Not to Wear,” says if people constantly see you in sweats they might think you are lazy, unorganized, unclean and irresponsible.

“Oh, never. I would wear sweats and sneakers to the gym only,” senior Silvia Vargas said after being asked if she would wear sweats to class. “My style is more casual-chic. I like to be comfy and walk around campus but still look cute.”

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to clothes. A lot of clothing styles are similar, but it is the individuals themselves that make their style unique. Remember that a lot can be said about you solely on their appearance and clothing. The right combination of colors and patterns matched with the appropriate accessories can help a student present themselves well to society.