Artists Release Awesome Autumn Albums

This year paved the way for many different bands to release phenomenal albums from start to finish. Branching from the depths of the underground music scene to the highest pedestals of the mainstream music industry, vast majorities of musicians and artists graced worldwide listeners with catchy songs, explosive singles and innovative albums that helped make these musicians stand alone with a lot to prove. 

In perspective, the fall season was no exception. Artists from all walks of life shined the brightest within the last couple of months. Complied together is a list of albums marked on the radars since September that have their way to the stereos and into the hearts of many avid music lovers as the closing days of fall approach.

Taylor Swift – “Red” – Taylor Swift delivered another anticipated release to fans new and old with the release of “Red” at the end of October.  Swift’s hit single “We Are Never Getting Back Together” was a big success in the summertime, providing extensive airplay for the country-pop star. For the most dedicated fan down to those listening as their secret guilty pleasure, there is no doubt that Swift’s catchy and upbeat singles will leave fans asking for more.

Mumford & Sons – “Babel” – London’s folk rock quartet, Mumford & Sons, made their way back into the hearts of folk and indie rock fans with the release of “Babel” in September. Songs like “I Will Wait” and “Whispers in the Dark” are attention-grabbing singles that give listeners a taste of where the band left off, taking direct influence from “Sigh No More” while vividly progressing forward in the right direction.

Green Day – “Uno” – The first of three in a trilogy album, “Uno” is the newest studio from punk rock stars Green Day. For Green Day, this album features more of a stripped down approach of songwriting. Though there are moments where the main style of this album can be traced through the influence of pop and contemporary rock icons like AC/DC and The Beatles, the band still continues to stay strong while emulating their classic punk sound.

No Doubt – “Push and Shove” – No Doubt’s “Push and Shove” is a prime example of older bands trying to recreate the past by bringing together a new genuine sound to the public. Referred to as their comeback album, “Push and Shove” continues to push boundaries by presenting elements of a classic pop sound complementing the influences of ska and reggae in vein to their last studio release, “Rock Steady.”

Rihanna – “Unapologetic” – Referred to as “disturbing, depressing and downright creepy” by “The National,” Rihanna’s latest release, “Unapologetic,” does not hold back the honesty and intensity of creating music. A properly fitting title for her seventh studio release, many singles on this album like “Phresh Out the Runway” and “Diamonds” stand out vividly, providing deep subject manners within the context of her lyrics.

Dinosaur Jr. – “I Bet on Sky” – Massachusetts’ alternative rock pioneers Dinosaur Jr. broke out of their shell with the early September release of “I Bet on Sky.”  This album was quite a surprise to listen to with many positive reviews. With haunting melodies blended with a powerhouse combination of riffs and distortion, “I Bet on Sky” captures their signature sound in a simple and laid back way. This album provides a perfect soundtrack for any aging alternative rocker anxiously waiting for grunge to make a comeback.

Aerosmith – “Music from Another Dimension” – Classic rock icons Aerosmith are still going strong after all of these years. Staying true to their roots, the band shreds away with a pounding single like “Legendary Child” that captures the essence of the fun Aerosmith sound that fans all know and love from albums like “Toys in the Attic” and “Rocks.”

Bob Dylan – Tempest – Another artist that has stood the test of time is iconic folk singer Bob Dylan. With the release of his new album, “Tempest,” Dylan’s approach of songwriting is revealed through the cryptic and dark context of his blues undertone.

Ke$ha – “Warrior” – Within the last week, Ke$ha’s released her full length “Warrior.” Along with her rising single “Die Young,” other unique songs like “Duet Love” reveal a hypnotizing collaboration with Iggy Pop. This is an album definitely for fans of Ke$ha’s avant-garde pop songwriting approach mixed with a love and influence of old-school rock.

The XX – “Coexist” – Considered an extremely anticipated indie rock album released in the beginning of the fall, London’s The XX put the innovative and dynamic release “Coexist.” Gaining high praise from their self-titled debut album, “Coexist” is an interesting album that combines innovative elements of electronic dance music and an explosively compelling indie rock sound. Songs like “Angels” and “Chained” are colossal singles that shine the brightest on this album.

Overall, these 10 albums are definitely worth a listen. The individual albums mentioned portray the evolutionary growth of each maturing artist since their prior releases. Granted, the endless list of bands writing and producing in mainstream music today creates endless options for those to choose from, especially for those who show an extreme interest in discovering new music to listen to on a regular basis.