Ladies of Comedy Bring Laughs to Ramapo

A female-dominated crowd was drawn to the Berrie Center on Friday night as the Ladies of Laughter Funny and Fabulous tour came to entertain. The show is produced by Peggy Boyce and featured stand up by Leighann Lord, Regina DeCicco and Robin Fox.

"It is an incredible value to have so much local talent on campus and in the area, Peggy did a great job," audience member John Coogan said.

The Ladies of Laughter organization pits comediennes everywhere against one another in a friendly competition to see who is the queen of comedy. Cash prizes and publicity are incentives for the winner and the fruits of the competition's labor were brought to Ramapo.

Lord acted as the hostess of the show and kept the crowd snickering with her attitude-laden approach to comedy. She fulfilled her duty as hostess to perfection with  an infectious laugh and spot-on jokes. Lord delivered an impeccable performance that charmed all.

The talented Regina DeCicco won the newcomer portion of the Ladies of Laughter competition. DeCicco may be a newcomer, but she is certainly not a novice in the field of comedy.  Her  loud and distinct voice alone could make one laugh, but to the audience's delight she repeatedly joked about  it self-deprecatingly. 

"I could definitely relate to the female humor," Debra Benigno said. "It was an entertaining and very good show."

Howling laughter ensued when winner of the Ladies of Laughter competition Robin Fox stepped in front of the microphone. Armed to the teeth with relentless jokes, Fox was not afraid to hold back her unfiltered jests. Anecdotes from her marriage were shared without excluding a hilarious detail. Fox's hysterics continued with complaints about her children and her mother-in-law.

"As my kids got older I figured I was funny anyway so I might as well get paid for it," Robin Fox said.

The Ladies of Laughter Funny and Fabulous Tour was a hit with all of the spectators in the nearly sold-out Berrie Center. The humorous comics had the viewers smiling and laughing throughout the show's entirety. The capable trio elated all who attended in a comedic triumph.

"Stand-up is unique. You fly or fall all by yourself and when it works it's wonderful," Lord said after the show.

Check out the Berrie Center's website for a list of upcoming performers.