‘Project’ Takes Over Friends Hall

Project Condom was held in Friends Hall on Monday and supported by over 50 students and faculty members. Some organizations that helped promote and sponsor the event were Global Protection, the College Programing Board and Sister Connections.

Students used their creativity to create fashionable outfits out of condoms, purchased by Global Protection, an organization that supports Ramapo's Women's Center condom distribution, which students can purchase for 10 cents.

"Tonight's event went amazing. I didn't expect there to be such a turn out for the event. I'm glad that people are interested in trying to help spread awareness," senior and model for Ramapo Pride Matthew Adams said. "Also the sheer number of condoms in the room was awe-inspiring between the condoms as prizes and what we were wearing, I thought it was really cool."

Each student had an opportunity to walk the runway to a high-spirited song and show off their inner runway model. Seven models in total were judged on their charisma, uniqueness and creativity. Some teams that walked the runway included Ramapo Pride, Latex Ladies, Sister Connection and Feminists United.

Within a quick break between all of the condom glamor Jay Emanuel performed a poem called "Get it in light of Project Condom.

"Protection over pleasure is needed," Emanuel said. 

Following Emanuel was Patryce Burgess, Interim Executive Director of New Jersey Woman and AIDS Network. Burgess expressed to Project Condom attendees that New Jersey ranks fifth out of fifty states for the highest HIV infection rate. 

NJWAN supplies various support groups where women of all ages can express themselves and talk about their day-to-day emotions. The network also offers wellness programs.

"It was a beneficial thing to have on the campus and helpful to the community in general.  That it was so fun while informative was the best part," Adams said.

Project Condom then continued with the last four runway models who represented themes such as "Christmas," "safe sex in America" and "Lady Gaga."

"This event was really creative and a good way to raise awareness in an interactive way involving the campus. I really enjoyed seeing how creative the students got with their dresses. Some of them looked like real dresses you could buy at the store," senior Jessica Tuohy said.

The judges then made their decision of first, second and third place winners; first place prize of $100 and 50 condoms went to Sister Connection, second place of $50 and 50 condoms went to Latex Ladies and third place of fifty condoms was the theme "Safe Love."