Ramapo SGA Senator Vows to Bring Important Changes

On Oct. 1, 2012, I was elected Senator of the Student Government Association of Ramapo College. During my tenure I have come to appreciate what the student government does for the College, and I have also seen improvements that could be made. I took part in what is arguably the greatest Octoberfest in Ramapo history, which was successfully organized by Student Trustee Nicole Panzica.

Joseph Minniti, Senate President of the Student Government, assigned me to be the liaison to the library. Thus far, I have talked to the Dean of the library about installing cubicles and creating more space. The cubicles in the library would be used by students to study in groups or practice presentations without worrying about increased noise levels. We also discussed changing the hours of the Saturday library hours from 5 a.m. to midnight since most students do not go to the library on a Saturday morning due to extracurricular activities the previous night. I am also privileged to witness SGA and the Black Student Union (BSU) working together at an event called Apollo Night, which took place on Tuesday, spearheaded by Senator Matthew Kobza and BSU spokesperson Lester Troncoso.

In the senate and general meetings I have attended, the Kevin Cottino Administration of the SGA is showing great initiative in trying to best serve the students of Ramapo. From my first meeting the theme has been to get the SGA name "out there" and let students know that the SGA can be a safe haven for all their concerns. This is evident when Senator Amanda Pontone carried out a massive survey for dining services to find out what kinds of foods students preferred.

Overall, I am very pleased and honored to be serving the students of Ramapo College. As a liaison to the library, I look forward to making changes that would make it a 21st century library, which would benefit the students of Ramapo. The Student Government Association is a government of the students, by the students and for the students of Ramapo College of New Jersey.