Stay Warm and Stylish with Hats

When it’s cold, windy, snowy, rainy or all of the above, it’s important to protect yourself from the elements. Winter is the time of bundling up in chunky sweaters, Uggs, heavy coats, gloves, and hats. When it comes to winter hats, there are a variety of options available, depending on your style or needs. Here is a breakdown of the attributes and shortcomings of just a few of the different hat styles to get you through the cold season:

Beanie: Beanies are a small hat that only covers the head area. While they can conjure up connections to robbers or “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” they are nevertheless a trendy statement this winter. Beanies are available in a variety of colors and textures. They are a laid-back way to insulate your head from the cold without looking overly bundled up. You can also adjust a beanie in a few different ways, like folding it up to create a flap at the edge of the hat. Either they hug the head closely, or sometimes they hang off the crown, adding a messy, undone feel to a look. Beanies are probably the most versatile of all the hats; however, they do fall short in terms of covering up from the cold. Sometimes beanies are guilty of riding up on the head or slipping and sliding around and not covering the ears. One way to avoid this is to wear some earmuffs along with your beanie to completely protect yourself from Mother Nature. 

Ski Hat: A ski hat is the most functional of the hats mentioned. It is usually knitted or made of fleece to maximize its capacity for warmth. They generally have tassels or flaps that cover the ears and either come with or without a pom-pom at the top. Since they are made for skiing, ski hats are especially warm and will cover not only your head, but your ears and even your cheeks as well. This does limit them in a way, however; if we have another warm winter like last year, they will likely make you sweat and make you look like you belong on a snowy mountain. Nevertheless, ski hats are a great item to keep on hand for those frigid days or when you know you will be spending a lot of time in the cold.

Pom-Pom Hat: Pom-Pom hats can usually be any type of hat, such as a beanie or ski hat, with simply a big ball of fabric adorning the top. The pom-pom really serves no functional purpose to shield one from the cold; however, it is certainly a fashion statement that will get you noticed. Particularly around the holidays, pom-pom hats are a cute and subtle way of taking fashion cues from Old Saint Nick without looking completely crazy. Often pom-poms will offer a new color or element to the hat that was not there previously and are therefore a nice way to add some spark to a warm, yet typical winter uniform.

Animal Hats: The latest trend in hat wearing as been animal hats, or hats that take on the likeness of tigers, bears, pandas, and an endless assortment of creatures. Usually animal hats take on the same structure as a ski hat: long, with tassels, with ears (like the flaps on a ski hat) to mimic whatever animal design by which the hat is inspired. Lately, animal hats have been at every kiosk at the mall and on the heads of tons of people, so they are easy to access and timely. Animal hats also offer a kind of versatility in style that many of the other hats mentioned do not: you can pick or choose any animal, which adds a personal touch to the look. With a combination of warmth and individuality, animal hats are a great way to keep warm this winter.

While the primary purpose of wearing a hat is utility, they still add a nice touch of style to any look. It’s worth considering what kind of hat statement you would like to make for this winter, but just make sure that it keeps you warm and cozy through the snow and the freezing temperature.