Check Out the Latest in Video Games

Have you been too busy to keep up with the latest, most popular video game titles because of finals last semester? As the spring semester is just starting, you may be looking for a few games to play to keep you occupied in your spare time.

Nintendo’s newest console, the Wii U, aims to change the way people play video games with a new, innovative controller. This controller, which features a built-in touch screen, will create new experiences for the player.

Gamers can experience how the tablet-like controller will be utilized in the future through the launch title “Nintendo Land,” a new mini-game compilation that is reminiscent of Wii Sports. This game, which contains 12 different games based on popular Nintendo franchises like “Mario” and “The Legend of Zelda,” makes the perfect party game for a group of five friends.

While one person will be focused on the screen on the controller, the other four players with Wii Remotes will use the television to either work cooperatively or competitively. The game introduces simple concepts that are easy to pick up and introduce to other people.

Another game that makes great use of the Wii U’s controller is “New Super Mario Bros. U.” This game is a continuation of the “New Super Mario Bros.” spin-off series, which was created as a return to the classic 2-D Mario game play that made the franchise popular. Even though this is the fourth “New Super Mario Bros.” game to come out, the overall formula does not feel stale thanks to creative and challenging level designs. What makes this game special on the Wii U is that you can play the entire game just on the screen of the Wii U controller. So, if your roommates are using the television, you can still play without any problems.

Outside of the launch of the Wii U, there were some notable video games that came out on other consoles. One of those games was “Halo 4” for the Xbox 360. While renowned developer of the franchise, Bungie, didn’t contribute to this entry, 343 Industries made this “Halo” game the best in the series. “Halo 4” has intense first person combat and a deep story that absolutely must be experienced by any fan of the series.

The newest Pokémon game, “Pokémon Black and White 2″ for the Nintendo DS, is the first ever sequel in the franchise. Typically, new entries in the series that take place in the same setting serve as a director’s cut with additional content. However, “Pokémon Black and White 2″ continues the story of the first game, and greatly expands upon it for the player. Much like “Pokémon Black and White” before it, the game’s surprisingly compelling story gives incentive to the player to keep progressing.

“PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale,” which is on the PS3 and the PlayStation Vita, is a completely new crossover fighting game that takes inspiration from Nintendo’s “Super Smash Bros.” series. While the two games may seem very similar in concept, “PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale” plays completely different. Instead of knocking players off the screen, combatants in the game build up a meter in order to execute special moves to help them earn points. This innovative game mechanic helps set the game apart from other crossover fighters, and keeps things fun and interesting for a group of four people.