Diamond Youth’s Album Sparkles

Baltimore’s Diamond Youth, one of the intriguing and unique acts to emerge from the music scene this year, are on the rise again with another soothing album entitled “Orange” that will make listeners long for the ever lasting and coveted season of summer.

This album features members of elite hardcore bands like Trapped Under Ice and Down to Nothing.

This album is a side project one would least expect to categorize in the genre of the hardcore and punk. Far from it, Diamond Youth is a band that is breaking boundaries by bringing to the table a sensational alternative rock sound, blended with pop melodies that would make you weak at the knees.

Opening this album is their single “Cannonball” which introduces listeners with a blaring guitar and drum beat that recollects the upbeat simplicities of alternative rock bands who championed the sounds of summer in the 1990’s. On deck is the explosive song “Separator.” The transition from an upbeat, catchy song like “Cannonball” to this heavy-hitting track recollects influence from alternative bands like Weezer and Jimmy Eat World, who have championed the art of crafting songs that appeal to fans who are infatuated with both interesting and aggressive alternative songs.

Deep cuts in the album like “Come Down,” along with the title track “Orange” are perfect examples of the band inviting the listener with a smooth passing wave in the eye of the storm. While “Come Down” takes a break from the traditional structure of loud and soft transition that the band has championed from the beginning, it introduces a soothing melody that engages the listener once again by providing the relaxing imagery of lying out on the beach with the sun shining bright.

As we transition into the title track “Orange,” the soothing ocean currents form into an sudden tidal wave that could musically compare the explosively rocking sound of the Foo Fighters. At times, the vocal tones from a song like “Swing From You,” would give you the impression that you were listening to a singer reminiscent of a younger version of Dave Grohl with an infatuation for surf-rock music.

Down the home stretch is “Lola” that recollects each characteristic from this album and brings it home for one last listen. This is a defiant closing track for an album like “Orange” because it brings to the table a blues sounding tune that can cure any summertime heartache.

The serenading vocal pattern that compliments their soft and explosive guitar transitions makes “Orange” a fascinating album to listen to from the start to finish.  Even though we have a long way to go until we can blissfully embrace our summer skin, listening to “Orange” will provide eager summer lovers with the perfect imagery of late night beach visits and driving around with the sunroof down.

It will get warmer before you know it, but orange you glad you listened to this wonderful album to keep those summer dreams alive? Guaranteed, after a few plays, listeners will become instantly hooked onto Diamond Youth

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