Ramapo Offers Pre-licensing Real Estate and Broker Courses

The Center for Innovative and Professional Learning recently announced a new Continuing Education program for students or anyone looking to make their way into the real estate industry.

In affiliation with the Terrie O'Connor Realtors real estate school in Ramsey, N.J., pre-licensing courses for a real estate salesperson's license and real estate broker's license are now open for registration through the Ramapo registrar. The curriculum is approved through the N.J. Real Estate Commission and provides students with the pre-licensing education requirements necessary to pursue both licenses.

Rosa Mulryan, Vice President of the Center for Innovative and Professional Learning, said that this program was initiated in order to provide students with another promising career option.

"Part of our mission is to engage with the community and to create affiliations and partnerships that will support our student education programs," said Mulyran. "A real estate license in this job market seemed like a nice idea for our students who are challenged in the current job market."

The real estate industry took a huge hit due to the 2007 recession, causing vacancies to rise as many owners lost their homes while bringing the construction industry to a standstill, if not a retraction, due to less private and corporate investment, which is essential for continued growth in the real estate industry.

But despite the past several years of frustration for homeowners and real estate professionals alike, the industry appears to be back on the upswing. "The U.S. Real Estate Report Q1 2013" by Business Monitor International uses the latest survey from the National Association of Realtors, which shows rising rates and dropping vacancies across the country. With such signs of improvement in the recently flailing industry, real estate firms will be more encouraged to hire in order to meet the much-needed demand of the near future.

Recruitment consultants Ferguson Partners conducted a global survey of real estate companies and recorded that 68 percent of respondents in the U.S. planned to increase their workforce.

Terrie O'Connor, Broker President of Terrie O'Connor Realtors, said that this program would help anyone who is looking for a career that will provide great opportunities as a result from the work they put in.

"It is a myriad of opportunities," said O'Connor. "Real estate is great for entrepreneurs looking to be in charge of their own business which they can build and develop over time."

She added that, even in tough times like the recent recession, there is still a need for realtors and the work they do.

"Even in down economies, people still need to sell their homes," said O'Connor. "It may not be at the highest possible selling point, but the agent still has their job to do, which becomes even more appreciated because of how difficult the market has become."

Bryan Sullivan, a communications major with a marketing concentration, says that the program is a positive addition to Ramapo College.

"I think it's a good thing," said Sullivan. "Considering that the economy is always changing, if it makes sense with how much it costs, I would definitely do it."

Other students, however, felt differently.

"Since you don't need a college degree to be in real estate, I wouldn't be interested in this course and I don't think a lot of other Ramapo students would want any more classes," said senior Rachel Kehoe. "This opportunity seems like it will appeal to only a very small niche of students. However, if this program set you up with an internship or job, it could be more appealing." 

The salesperson license daytime course runs three weeks on Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and costs $349, with a savings of $25 for Ramapo students, alumni and employees. A night class option is available, which meets twice a week over approximately 12 weeks. The broker's license course schedule and cost have yet to be announced.