Construction Resumes on Campus

This week, several areas of the Ramapo College campus will be under construction and some parking lots will be out of use. Some of the construction will include the building of a new temporary walkway in front of the E-Wing, which will eventually be replaced by a permanent walkway. Because the temporary walkway will contain compacted stone, it is recommended that students and faculty use caution when walking. 

In addition to the temporary walkway, the ongoing renovations of the G-Wing and construction of the Adler Center have now resumed. Temporary parking for the construction workers has now been established in the D-1 lot along with additional handicapped parking in the Student Center lot, the rear Pavilion lot and the G-Wing lot. Students and faculty should also be advised that there will continue to be limited parking in the Bischoff parking lot while the temporary classrooms are in use. 

Students and faculty that have questions about construction updates and parking spaces should contact Public Safety at 201-684-6666.