Keep Your Toes Warm and Wallet Full this Winter

Have you traipsed through puddles on sidewalks and in the parking lot over the last few weeks in those amazingly cute flats you just can’t wait for spring to wear, while icy cold wind scold you for neglecting to wear some winter-friendly kicks? Investing in a solid pair of cold weather boots might seem like a costly commitment-just start browsing online and you’ll see some pretty stylish soles for a little less than the cost of selling yours. But what should you do if you’re not feeling the price tag on those Coach snow boots? (They retail for around $190.) Never fear, there are plenty of great alternatives that will keep your toes happy as you and your friends plop down to make snow angels the next time a Nemo swirls through campus.
There are lots of great brands that sell well-made winter boots: Sorel, Pajar, Columbia, Timberland and L.L. Bean perhaps being some of the most recognizable. But if you’re not looking for something in that price range, start at stores like Target, T.J. Maxx and Marshalls. Target has a few really reasonable selections, like a faux fur-lined pair from Merona, priced at about $22.50. Marshalls and T.J. Maxx, as any thrifty shopper knows, will often carry some of those major brands-I’ve got my eye on a pair of Pajars there-for much less money than they often are elsewhere or online. Wait to get them at this time of the season, and you might be in for some even better deals-as the spring line comes in, these and other retailers are looking to sell all that winter gear.
Don’t forget to try Marty’s Shoes in the Interstate Plaza. The store is in the perfect location to work a shopping pit stop into your grocery run, and they often have an awesome selection.
While you’re at Interstate, you can also check out the new DSW for any brands still available or ones already moved to the clearance rack. Online, DSW lists winter weather boots starting at around $30. Lace-ups by Sporto, although listed for around $60, are a very similar style to even more expensive makers.
But if you’re in the market this year for those coveted Sorels, you can browse dozens of their styles, among many other brands on Amazon. The Sorel Cumberlandstyle starts at around $55, while other designs are in a higher price range. Amazon is also an awesome place for guys that might cringe at the thought of shoe shopping at Garden State Plaza. If you’re already sure of your size, the website could be a great alternative. They carry a wide selection of men’s boots, including Timberlands and Dr. Martens.
No matter what brand you use to outfit your feet, make sure the pair you choose will keep you comfortable and warm as we wait for spring.