Sony Unveils New Game Console, Banishing Recent Rumors

The mysterious Sony event held in New York City on Tuesday revealed their next big system, the PlayStation 4.

While details about the console itself are scarce, such as its physical attributes and hardware capabilities, the console is confirmed to be launching during the 2013 holiday season. This is the first home console Sony will launch since 2006.

The console will be more powerful graphically than the PS4 itself. While this may be something that excites gamers, it’s ultimately up to the developers to utilize its power. With developers struggling and going out of business with current generation hardware, it will be interesting to see who will push the PS4 to its limit.

The controller resembles prior PlayStation controllers, but it has a few new additions. The controller now has a touch screen on the front and a light sensor on the back for motion controls. There is also a share button and a headphone jack on the controller as well, making it easier to connect with other gamers.

Sony is pushing for the PS4 to have a social experience. The PS4 showcased the ability to allow friends to watch you play games online and take over and play the game for them.

The second half of the conference showcased the games that will be available to play on the PS4. The first game shown was “Knack,” a new game series that has the player controlling a robot that can change shapes and turn invisible to attack ferocious goblins who are assailing the human race.

Another big gaming announcement was “Killzone: Shadow Fall.” The game, which takes place in a setting inspired by Berlin, is an intense first-person shooter that looks gorgeous running on the PS3’s hardware.

Fans of “Infamous” were teased with a trailer for a new entry in the series, titled “Infamous: Second Son.” While not much has been revealed about the game itself, the teaser trailer seemed to indicate that the game would not follow Cole’s story, which is the series’ main character.

Bungie, creator of the “Halo” series, has confirmed that their new shooter, titled “Destiny,” will be on the PlayStation 4. “Watch Dogs,” a new game revolving around hacking technology in an open world, will also be on Sony’s new system. However, both of these games will not be exclusive to the PlayStation 4 and will also appear on other consoles.