THE WEEKLY GRIND: Food for Thought

For our eight-hour production nights, we need a lot of sustenance. Thanks to our Keurig machine, we have plenty of liquid caffeine to keep us going. But we can’t survive on coffee, tea and hot chocolate alone.

Dinner is one of the highlights of our Wednesday nights, but only after we get through our Monday meetings where we actually choose our meals. On a staff of a dozen, there is bound to be a few disagreements, but we disagree on our food choices most of all.

When we pick an Italian place, someone inevitably complains that we didn’t get good pizza toppings (or our Photo Editor will be ripping off the toppings entirely). Forget about Mexican, Greek or Thai-those are way too adventurous for half of our editors. Chinese gets old fast, and we haven’t yet settled on the best burger joint in town. The only things we can all seem to share a mutual love for are mozzarella sticks, garlic knots and ice cream sandwiches.

But last semester, I thought we might have finally found the solution to our dinner woes… sandwiches and milkshakes at Shake & Sizzle. They delivered (all of a few miles to campus from Franklin Turnpike), they were inexpensive, and there was a little something for everyone on the menu. Plus, they had great fries.

Shake & Sizzle was our savior when we found ourselves having to switch our orders last-minute, and it was such a crowd pleaser that we ended up doing dinner there three out of our 11 nights. It was bliss… until Shake & Sizzle closed down in mid-December.

Needless to say, we have yet to fill the void Shake & Sizzle left. Every Monday as we huddle around our computers throwing around food ideas and dinner inspirations, someone inevitably brings up our lost love.

Man, I could go for one of their milkshakes right now.

The moral of the story is this: we need food for fuel and for thought, but we’re still looking for our go-to dinner destination. Do you have an amazing local restaurant you love? (It’s a plus if they’ll deliver and offer discounts!) We’ll try it out and let you know what we think. 

That’s all the news for now-Nicole