‘Shape of Things’ Reflects College Life

Ramapo’s Berrie Center will be presenting “Shape of Things,” a play directed by Pirrone Youselzadeh and managed by Rachel Frescella.

“This show represents college students’ extremes and behaviors throughout their young adult life,” Youselzadeh said. “I think every Ramapo student will find something to connect to through this show.”

This is Youselzadeh’s second time directing a Ramapo College play; the first was “Blood Wedding” in the spring of 2012.

“Shape of Things” deals with teen angst and the willingness to do anything for love. The students involved delve into characters that struggle through emotional and romantic involvement with one another.

Actors include sophomore Ryan McGilloway, junior Lexi Lapp, senior Craige Wolfe and sophomore Amanda Iannuzzi.

“I’ve learned a lot from ‘The Shape of Things,’ including the value of self-worth above the need for approval by others. I especially learned a lot from Jenny,” Iannuzzi said of her character. “She needs this relationship with Phillip to define who she is; she has no real independence. I never want to be like that.”

Rehearsals for the show were held five to six times per week. The actors said they are constantly challenging themselves by digging deep into their characters’ feelings and portraying them in the most honest and vulnerable way they can.

“We focus on relationships that can be related to people of all ages of adulthood,” Youselzadeh said. “This show may contain present issues that students are currently involved in making it that much more personable and emotionally connected. Any good process is a challenge, but with a great team of actors we find ourselves having a great time. Work should be fun, and that’s what we’ve had while working together.”

Students will be able to relate to the play in many different ways and walk away with an even greater insight about themselves and their relationships.

“I’ve come away with more insight on life. My character Adam has taught me more humility and staying true to myself,” McGilloway said. “The show revolves around his drastic change for someone he wants to please. I know that I could never afford to do that myself; I want to always stay true to who I am.”

“Shape of Things” begins next week. Show times are available on the Berrie Center’s website.