Best and Worst Dressed of the Oscars

With the Oscars following New York Fashion Week, celebrities attempt to show us how truly stylish they are. What they wear sets the tone for what colors and cuts will be fashionable in upcoming season, and which will not. 

“Did Anne Hathaway look in the mirror beforehand? Did she realize she had nipples on her dress?” freshman Laura French asked.

The darts on Hathaway’s gown were tragic, but the only difference between the best and worst dressed is that in the best looks trends work for the person instead of against them.

Either way, these are all looks that can be achieved on the most minimal budgets.

“I was on Stumble Upon and saw a slideshow on One that stuck out to me was Helen Hunt, who was wearing an H&M dress, and I think it’s great that she took the liberty to wear that at such a high-end event,” sophomore Sammy Bell said.

Best Dressed

Anna Paquin

Why it works for her: Sheer or decorative, overlay tops are an emerging trend that we see over dresses and shirts that have an alluring quality. Skin is shown, but the neckline is still high; these intricate shapes and the contrast of black work to highlight Paquin’s fair skin. However, when shopping for this look, try to find something with a sweetheart silhouette because the plunge between the cups might be too daring for casual wear.

Rose Byrne

Why it works for her: White is going to be very popular this summer in all categories of clothing, but the effect it has with a simple cutout is stunning. Cutouts began appearing last year and suddenly turned excessive when dresses in stores were featuring up to seven cutouts of their own. To really make this look work, stick with one. It works here because the cutout manages to show a lot of skin while maintaining a traditional shape in the rest of the dress. When shopping for this look, keep an eye out for high collars and look for colors that will pop against the shade of your hair and skin.

Jessica Chastain

Why it works for her: This look is more about knowing your own color palette and making it shine. Chastain, who is known for her gorgeous red hair, accentuated her features by dressing in a pale rose gold and wearing fiery red lipstick. To embrace this look, try on several different colors of clothing and see which ones seem to flow with your coloring rather than contrast it. Nude colored dresses should have a warmth or coolness to them to correspond with your own tone.

Jennifer Hudson

Why it works for her: This look highlights several different trends, including a texture like velvet, a sheer and decorative overlay, and sleeves. Dresses with sleeves add length to your body and create a sleek silhouette, even more so on a shorter dress. To shop for this fierce evening look, try to find patterns and textures that work together and don’t create clutter.

Worst Dressed

Renee Zellweger

Why it works against her: Lycra can be extremely fashionable, but here it is just all wrong. When shopping for this fabric, less is more. The high-cut top is overwhelming on her body, and the color does nothing to distinguish itself.

Kristen Stewart

Why it works against her: Corset-topped dresses can be beautiful, and this one certainly is, with its sheer lace and ribbed piping. Where the dress loses points is with detailing and shape. The bottom of Stewart’s dress is a mess, so if shopping for this look, try to find something that remains simple and delicate without extra detailing. Also, keep the shape of the dress in mind. A corset is supposed to cling to your body and emphasize your curves; it shouldn’t just droop like it would on the hanger.

Solange Knowles

Why it works against her: Bright colors are in, so feel free to wear yellow because it makes darker skin tones shine. The problem with the dress Knowles wore its cut and texture. The material looks sticky and it just falls down on her body. A drop waist can be extremely fashionable, but try looking for a material that isn’t as rigid.

Judy Greer

Why it works against her: Maxi dresses are extremely tough to shop for. You should find something that flows along your body and comes in at the waist to show your curves. To make this look work for her body type, Greer would be best-suited in a patterned maxi dress with an empire waist.  The only way to know what will look good for you is to experiment in the dressing room.