Google Showcases New Gadget

Imagine taking a picture of anything around you on your phone and then being able to send it and analyze it through the Internet for an instant Web search. This seemingly impossible idea is made a reality by the incredibly interesting new app created by Google called Google Goggles.

Google Goggles is a new type of technology developed by Google that lets people use photos to search the web. Before, people could only search the Web by typing out what they want to search or by giving voice commands through a microphone. However, one can now search the Web by using their cell phone cameras.

There has truly been nothing like this before. Using Google Goggles to search the Web is just as simple as taking a photo on a phone. Some examples of things one could take a photo of are text, landmarks, books, someone's contact info, a piece of artwork, a specific drink or a logo. The possibilities of photos you could take with Google Goggles are endless.

Because the technology is still new, the new picture recognition developed by Google is not perfected just yet. For example, pictures of things like food, cars, plants or animals cannot be recognized, so the technology is still pretty limited in what it can do.

However, Google plans to take this technology and make it so everything can eventually be recognized by photo. Not only that, but Google plans to take this technology even further by advancing the photo technology to do more than just search the Web. One example of their ambitions is to have someone take a picture of a chessboard and have Google Goggles suggest their next move for them. Another ambition that Google has is to have Google Goggles recognize the leaf of a plant and have it know what plant it is.

All of the photos taken by Google Goggles can be saved onto your phone, so it's easy to look back and see what you have taken using the program. It's useful since you don't have to retake photos if you like what you have taken. However, if one doesn't want to keep the photos, they can go through the options and have the photos deleted through each search.

Google Goggles was originally available on Android Marketplace, but it is now available on the iPhone App Store as a part of the main Google app.