Men’s Volleyball Cruises Past Unfamiliar Foe

The men’s volleyball team continued its winning streak this weekend by defeating Southern Vermont College 3-0 at home on Saturday. It was the first time Ramapo played Southern Vermont this season.

“While facing Southern Vermont College, it was difficult to go into the match without knowing exactly what skill sets they had and how they were going to play,” junior Nick Hrehovcik said. “They were a very good defensive team, and it was difficult and frustrating at times when we attacked a ball over the net and they were able to keep it in play.”

Hrehovcik helped lead the team to victory during the first game with four kills, and junior Harsh Prajapati had 13 assists. Junior Mike Kane and freshman Peter Desvousges both had five kills in the second game, bringing the score to 25-15.

“There are times that definitely stand out in my mind that brought our team’s energy and intensity up. I don’t think it was anyone’s individual effort that brought about the win,” Hrehovcik said. “The team as a whole needs to be in sync and working together at all times in order to get a big kill, dig or block.”

The third set was close, with Ramapo finally winning with a score of 29-27.

“In the third game, Southern Vermont brought about a last push going ahead 26-25 and 27-26,” Hrehovcik said. “Harsh Prajapati got the first kill to tie it back up, and Chris Sidnam brought about the second kill to tie it up again. I think those efforts when the game was on the line really helped us pull ahead in the end.”

The team is hoping to make it to the NCAA tournament at the end of this season.

“We are all excited to currently lead the Skyline division at 9-1 in the conference,” Hrehovcik said. “One of our goals for the rest of the season is to remain in first place in the conference; taking down NYU-Poly is the next step to achieving that goal. After last season’s loss to Kean in the Skyline tournament, we really want to come in first in the Skyline and advance on to the NCAA tournament.”

Hrehovcik also discussed the team’s desire to honor Colin McNeill, a former member of the team who passed away after a skateboarding accident this past November.

“I think we are all very determined,” Hrehovcik said. “This season means a lot to us. We’ve been playing for our teammate and friend Colin McNeill. We want to honor him as best we can.”

The men’s volleyball next game is on March 14 against NYU-Poly at 7 p.m.