Make the Most of Your Spring Break with These Unique Options

Spring break: the moment that everyone looks forward to during the spring semester, whether you’re hoping to venture to the farthest, most tropical place from Ramapo, or just plan on getting 12 or more hours of sleep a night at home. While only a week long, spring break still gives plenty of time to rejuvenate after a stressful couple of months in school, as long as you take advantage of it the best you can.

Maybe you’re hoping to fulfill a need to travel, but find yourself short on cash and time. If your wish is to pack your bags and board on a plane or train this break to a warmer climate, you can still make it possible. A weeklong trip to a hotspot like the Bahamas or Cancun may seem out of the question between airfare and hotel prices, but there are actually many cheaper opportunities out there for college students. is one website that offers deals for college students and presents the best and cheapest prices for flights, hotels, tours and other interesting activities. If you don’t want to be broke by summer, this site is a great way to limit your spending.

“This spring break I’m going to be spending my week at home, which does not compare at all to the amazing time I had with the Ultimate [Frisbee] team last year in Georgia,” junior Caitlin Connolly said. “It was usually 70 degrees and sunny and the people were all so friendly.”

While many people might be looking to ditch the chilly New Jersey weather and head south, maybe that’s not for you. Another fun way to spend your spring break is to take advantage of the end of winter by going on a skiing or snowboarding trip. offers deals to places like Killington in Vermont, but if you don’t want to travel far, you can just go on a trip for the day to some local mountains. If you show your student ID at Mountain Creek in Vernon, you can receive $10 off your lift ticket at any time.

If you still want to travel, but are looking to do something a little more productive with your time than just lounging around on a beach or snowy mountain, volunteering can be a very rewarding activity, and spring break is a perfect time to get involved.

Ramapo offers Alternative Spring Break programs that you can apply to, but if you missed out on that opportunity this year, it is not difficult to find ways to contribute to the community on your own. allows you to enter your zip code and find events nearby that you can sign up for.

Stuck at home this break with no plans at all? That’s okay, too. Spring break is also the best time to catch up on sleep and get rid of the stress that’s been building up since the start of the semester.

While the weather is still pretty brisk, use your time off to get in the habit of exercising and going for a run or hike outside. As spring temperatures slowly approach, you’ll be more likely to continue, causing you to feel happier and healthier.

Finally, if you find yourself too busy during the semester to work on your résumé or search for summer internships, spring break is a great time to be productive and start applying.

Many students, like junior Monica Jimenez, use the break as a time to go on interviews for prospective jobs or internships.

“It’s more convenient for me because I won’t have to worry about going to all my classes and the homework that’s given throughout the week,” Jimenez said.

A week of freedom from the hectic pace of college life is likely to go by very quickly. Don’t waste it. Make the most of your spring break, because before you know it, you’ll be back to the books.