Mahwah Cub Scouts Visit Ramapo News for Communications Lesson

This Tuesday, the Mahwah Tiger Cub Scouts of Den 10 paid a visit to the Ramapo News. Four of the six members of Den 10–Nick Bosticco, Nick Franc, Bobby Politis and Charlie Sariti–came to “The Ramapo News” to learn how people communicate with others.

Upon their arrival, the Cub Scouts were greeted by a selection of newspapers that they were able to look through before Editor-in-Chief Nicole Alliegro discussed the step-by-step process of how the editing staff of “The Ramapo News” creates the paper each week. The scouts were then able to design two of their own newspaper pages for mini-copies of “The Tiger News.”

Each child was given the chance to lay out the front page of their papers with articles straight out of issues of “The Ramapo News” and then used their own design and stories for the second page.

The final task for the Mahwah Tiger Cub Scouts of Den 10 was to hand out copies of “The Ramapo News,” which they excitedly passed out to many students throughout the Student Center. Afterwards, they were awarded reporter’s notebooks, pens and magnets to take home with them.