Outdoor Adventures Await in Ramapo’s Own Backyard

Located amidst  piney forests and picturesque layered mountains, Ramapo College is nestled among Bergen County's most breathtaking landscapes. As the weather gets warmer, Ramapo's natural backdrop is the perfect place to adventure and step outside of your comfort zone to try something new. Take in everythingRamapo College has to offer you right outside its gates.

There is also no limit to the opportunities for outdoor activity around Ramapo College's campus. Aside from Ramapo's beautiful reservation across the street that is perfect for many students who like to run or hike, there are also plenty of other local activities available from fishing to horseback riding.

"I love being at school as the weather gets warmer because there's so much to take in," said senior Biranna Farulia. "The scenery is amazing. I really would love to explore more of what the town has to offer Ramapo's students."

Pony Power Therapies is located on a farm off of Ramapo Valley Road and is open to children and adults of all ages interested in horseback riding lessons. The stable was originally created as a form of physical therapy for people with disabilities or developmental delay, but they offer general horseback riding lessons to anyone who wants them.

"All of our horses and ponies were donated, and each are screened to ensure the safety of our clients. In total, we have 14 therapy horses, each with previous careers in show riding," said Lauren Cotton, development director of Pony Power Therapies. "This is a unique place because we really based it around the needs of people with disabilities, so we have this approach of physical therapy designed for core strengthening and sensory input, so we really pay attention to all detail of horseback riding here."

If you enjoy fishing or want to try something new like catching some trout, check out Bear Swamp Creek falls off of Ramapo Reservation in Oakland. Although it's a smaller site, it's still great for fishing in the lake or hiking and is a nice change of scene on the other side of the Ramapo Valley River.

"I've been there and it's small but it's a great change from Ramapo's Reservation, especially if you've already walked all their trails already," said senior Tara Dawson. "You can hike there if you cross the Boy Scout Camp area. It's a great workout."

Even hunting is a possibility right in Ramapo's backyard. Ramapo State Forest borders the Ramapo Reservation and has plenty of wildlife and hiking available to experience. Climbing the rocky terrain and seeing how native Indians once lived on this land is all a part of this adventure. However, be aware of the special areas that are designated for hunting.

"I wouldn't normally ever consider doing an activity like hunting, but the wildlife and nature is right at your fingertips so I would definitely be open to trying something new, even if it does feel weird," senior Megan Clancy said. "I mean, why not, wildlife is a part of nature and its beauty."

Don't waste all of theseunique outdoor opportunities afforded by being a Ramapo student this spring semester.