It’s hard to think about graduation… and I’m not even a senior yet. I still have two more semesters to figure out how exactly I’m going to make it in the real world. But it’s difficult to imagine what will happen come May, when the majority of the Ramapo News staff will part ways with the College and move on to bigger and better things.

As you can imagine, the turnover rate in our newsroom is pretty high. Most of our writing staff changes every semester as new students come into the journalism program and old ones enroll in other upper level classes. Each year presents a new group of eager volunteers joining our ranks. And while we have somehow managed to capture and imprison (oops, I mean…retain) some of the most talented kids I’ve ever have had the pleasure of working closely with, even the best have to graduate and leave us eventually.

And so, every year, as we bid farewell to our fellow comrades and close friends, the Ramapo News opens its doors to new students.

This semester we’re searching for motivated, interested students to fill six open positions on our editorial board: Web/Social Media Editor, Sports Editor, Viewpoints Editor, Creative Director, Business Manager trainee and Copy Editors. What a list! You can find all of the details about each of these jobs on the Archway. Search for the following Job IDs: 2557, 2558, 2559, 2575, 2573 and 2574.

Whether you have newspaper experience or not, the Ramapo News is the perfect place to get involved on campus, if only just to stay “in the know” with what’s going on and to network with the Ramapo community. In whatever your future endeavors, you’ll gain invaluable experience in our newsroom. 

We can help you build your resume and portfolio, get your foot in the door for internships and give you an inside look at newspaper production and online journalism. What’s more-we’re fun people, we’re pretty knowledgeable and there are some cool perks that come with being a student journalist, too. Press passes, anybody?

Please give our jobs a look on the Archway, and if you’re interested, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email. I’ll be more than happy to discuss what we can do for you.   

That’s all the news for now-Nicole