BlackBerry Responds to iPhone Popularity with Upgraded Phone

It’s odd to think back and realize that BlackBerry used to be as popular as current smartphones a few years ago. The company used to be one of the most profitable phone companies around, until their popularity diminished abruptly.

BlackBerry’s staggering loss in popularity has left the company crippled, as they are no longer the cell phone giants that they used to be. Now, mostly everyone has moved on to iPhone and Android smartphones, and they have seemingly forgotten the love they once had for their old phones.

Enter the BlackBerry 10.

The BlackBerry 10 has a completely new operating system that will be able to run on two new BlackBerry smartphones, called the Z10 and the Q10. The Z10 is entirely built for touch screen control, while the Q10 comes with a full keyboard. These phones will test if BlackBerry is still a relevant company within the modern era.

The biggest feature of the new operating system is the gesture system that is implemented within the Z10 and the Q10. By swiping up, users will return to the home screen. This eliminates the need for a home button, which is in most current smartphones. By swiping in an upside-down j-hook, users could see any notifications or messages with ease. By swiping to the left or right, users can scroll through multiple screens on their phone.

Not only that, but the rest of the features on the phone are receiving high praise. The keyboard has been acclaimed for its innovative design. The phone learns how the user types over time, allowing the operating system to predict what the next word will be. The keyboard takes the context of each conversation to predict the next letter in a word sequence. When it does this, possible word choices appear above the predicted letter, and users can slide up to choose the predicted word.

This concept isn’t the only thing that has gathered the attention of potential buyers. The speed of the operating system is also a huge selling point for the phone. Everything about the phone itself runs incredibly smoothly, especially when running on its browser. The BlackBerry 10’s browser may be the best smartphone browser to date due to its incredible speed.

Unfortunately, all of these great features may be coming out too late to completely save the company. A lot of the people that have moved on from their old Blackberry devices have become too attached to their current smartphone devices and do not seem like they will be changing phones anytime soon.

Justin Barredo says that he will never get rid of his iPhone because he loves the interface and applications.