Great Ways to Spice Up Your Spring Wardrobe This Season

April has arrived and with April Fools' Day comes the transition from cold to warm, hot coffee to iced coffee and, of course, winter wardrobe to spring wardrobe. With spring break over, our hopes for warm weather are at an all-time high and although the weather is not quite warm yet, stores have already made the transition to spring. This spring season offers bold and bright styles to help you warm up from a long winter. Here are some trends that are easy to incorporate into your fresh, new spring wardrobe:

Use nature to inspire your fashion choices by incorporating floral patterns into your wardrobe. Floral is an easy, versatile trend that instantly transforms your wardrobe from winter to spring. The blooming trend is common for bright, feminine tops and dresses on the runways of Alexander McQueen and Rebecca Minkoff. However, floral can also be a bold statement when found on printed shorts and jeans for a fun, daring look, whether it be pastels, a tropical pattern or black and white. Dressing up? Floral heels by Guess and Kate Spade add a feminine touch to a dressy ensemble. And don't forget the floral statement necklace, the perfect piece to easily enhance any look.

Another trend that can easily be incorporated into almost any piece in your ensemble is transparency. Transparent, sheer materials, including silk chiffon and organza, are popping up all over the runways and are perfect for layering in the spring. Sheer tops made their debut last spring, but this season they are everywhere. One of the most common trends is a sheer button-up, collared tank. Wear it in a soft pastel or bold neon, add statement jewelry and layer it with a cardigan or chambray shirt for an easy look. The light-as-a-feather material can also be used in knee-length or maxi skirts for an airy, feminine look that is perfect for spring.

And don't forget the stripes. Stripes are a classic, easy trend and this spring, bold stripes are a necessity. Stripes are very common, so customize them to fit your style. Head-to-toe stripes are super daring, but very chic. Pair stripes with denim for a casual, laid-back look, wear them in navy for a nautical look, or pastels and think pink for a feminine look. Look to Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs and Tommy Hilfiger for stripe inspiration this spring.

Another classic trend for this spring is black and white. Pair these two contrasting colors together for a strong, bold look. Although spring might normally bring to mind Easter pastels, this year black and white is ruling the runways of Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang and Céline. Lucky for us, this look is very wearable as it works year-round and is very affordable. Follow the trend easily by pairing a solid white top with solid black pants, or mix it up with a bold black and white pattern. Try black and white stripes for the epitome of spring trends. Want some color? Try mint, poppy red, citrine or linen.

Fashion is completely subjective, so use spring trends for inspiration and find the best way to fit these trends into your already unique, personal style.