Ramapo Offers Princeton Review GRE Prep Course

Ramapo College is now offering its students an opportunity to enroll in the Princeton Review GRE Preparation Course beginning in Summer 2013.

Beginning on June 3 and continuing through July 22, classes will be held every Monday night from 7 to 10 p.m. Ramapo College students will be able to register online and non-matriculated Ramapo College students are welcome to register as well. The fee for the course is $999.

The GRE Preparation course is designed to teach students strategic methods and enforce strong test-taking skills that will help improve GRE scores. In fact, a feature of the course is a guarantee that you will score higher than your practice test or your money back.

“This is a great opportunity because the course goes into depth on strategic thinking. It’s not just a preparation course giving you information you need to know, but it’s also learning to apply the information. Knowing information is useless if you can’t get outside your head and think outside the box, which is what it’s really all about,” said Joana Gonzalez, office supervisor of the Center for Innovative and Professional Learning at Ramapo College.

The instructors use adaptology, which is a unique teaching method that combines exclusive techniques with the technology used for GRE online testing to give students a competitive edge on the concepts tested on the exam. The course promises students the ability to master all test content, comprehensive content analysis and exclusive test-taking strategies and realistic testing practice with proctored exams.

“By Ramapo offering its students the chance to take a prep course for the GREs shows interest on their part by reminding students that it’s important to take the exam and it’s really showing their support by making it easy for students to take practice exams at their own campus,” said senior Rachel Day.

Similar to the SAT Subject Tests, the GRE’s test on a particular subject like chemistry or literature. Just as SAT’s are important to get into college, the GRE’s are important to get into graduate school and just like the SAT’s, each college weighs their scores differently. According to the Princeton Review website, your GRE score remains valid for five years.

“If you’re a junior in college that’s about to be a senior, it makes complete sense to take the course over the summer. You can take the preparation course at your own school while you’re on break and the scores will be valid for five years after that. I think it’s a great program,” said senior Corey Alexander.