Sleek and Stylish Springtime Garments for Men Everywhere

It’s that time of the year again! The flowers are blooming, the birds are beginning to chirp and most exciting, it’s time to make the transition from your winter to spring wardrobe, which for many is something that has been awaited for many months.

Of course, ladies are excited to try out the new trends that spring 2013 has to offer, but men, don’t ever feel like you’re counted out. If you’re looking to make an impression this spring, there are tons of new styles and maybe some you haven’t thought of trying before that allow you to make that change and spunk up your fashion sense. What’s the best part? Much of the fashion is based around clothes that you probably already own, but now it’s time to mix those old pieces up.

According to, printed ties are totally in for this spring, and it’s as simple as matching it up with a solid color shirt or suit to get the perfect look. The addition of the tie allows for a pop of edge that brings vivacity to the outfit.

Color wise, pale grays and chalky tones, also known as pastels, are in to show your unique, lighter side. These colors will definitely help you make a statement and put a twist on a classic look. Try mixing up different chalky shades, such as a pastel green tie with a white collared shirt followed by a pastel pink jacket. Other great combinations this spring include bright shots of color underneath a pale suit, so if pastels are not for you, this could be another option. It might be daring for some men, but there’s nothing wrong with a little adventure when it comes to style.

Sophomore Ali Bayat offers his advice on the latest men’s trends of the season.

“For the spring, I think it’s all about color, not necessarily bright neon colors, but muted shades of color. Color makes a statement and it’s a nice transition to spring. I would suggest going through more plain colored v-neck T-shirts and either shorts or jeans to pair with it. For a dressier option, I would suggest a single colored dress shirt and match it with a nice pair of pants,” said Bayat.

Here’s another trend that might sound familiar, but now can be incorporated with different parts of your wardrobe: loafers. They’re comfortable to slip on to dress up a pair of golf shorts or jeans, but now they can be combined with suits as well. Try pairing loafers with a tan suit to soften up a timeless look.

Sophomore Eric Vitale likes to keep his look comfortable but fashion forward.

“I just bought these hooded button downs from Cotton On that I’m obsessed with, so that’s what I’ve been wearing recently with jeans. Otherwise it’s just a lot of regular button downs and jeans. I hardly ever wear shorts,” Vitale said.

Snug jean jackets are a look you might have never thought of trying. To dress up a jean jacket, you could even pair it with a sports jacket and head to class in style. This is a fresh look you can’t go wrong with.

Accessories are just as important as a certain jacket or pant color to get the perfect spring look. With that said, going for a pair of very square wayfarer sunglasses could pull together your entire outfit on a bright spring day.

Sophomore Nikki Lauren Moral gave her ideas on what she’d like to see men wearing on campus during the spring 2013 season.

“This spring, I definitely would like to see guys wearing more color, of course more along the lines of pastel colors, and guys can never go wrong with blazers. I’ve been seeing a lot of those baseball varsity jackets and denim jackets. I also love it when guys dress up ‘Chuck Bass’ style,” said Moral.

Now that you’ve gotten advice from some of the most fashion forward students on campus, there’s no excuse to not step out of your dorm in style.