Students Enjoy Luau and Pool Party

On any Tuesday night, Ramapo College’s campus is full of energy and life. As the beautiful weather on Tuesday continued into the night, the campus was flooded with energized students. However, many were doing something a little different after dark-they were going back into the school’s buildings.

Ramapo held an After Dark event in the Bradley Center as a promotion of Asian-Pacific Islander Heritage Month at Ramapo and as an alternative to drinking.

The open event was sponsored by the Filipino American Student Association (FASA) and WRPR, Ramapo’s radio station. Students packed into the Bradley Center for a night of free food, games and even activities such as a volleyball tournament and a hip-hop dance performance.

The event had a variety of food, including Asian cuisine such as spring rolls. Those in attendance could also enjoy roughly 30 pizzas and trays of sandwiches.

Everyone who walked through the doors was greeted with colorful leis and a raffle ticket to win a free iPod Mini.

The Bradley Center kept its facilities open late for the students to enjoy. The swimming pool was open all night, as were the ping pong and billiards tables.  At any given moment, there were multiple students occupying the large rock wall, also available for anyone to use.

Overall, it was a fun experience for those who attended and a great alternative for anyone looking for something different to do on a Tuesday night.

“This was a great time, it was different but really fun. It’s a great idea by the school,” said junior Elizabeth Rizzo after spending hours at the After Dark event.

With loud music, dancing and hours of games and open facilities, students had a great opportunity to enjoy a fun alternative night at Ramapo. Both clubs, with the backing of the SGA, successfully brought well over 100 students into the Bradley Center for a night that offered fun activities for students while keeping their money in their pockets.