The Spring Makeup Trends You Have to Try

Spring is upon us and so are the hottest makeup trends of the 2013 season. Let me warn you ladies: they are fierce. If you thought spring was just about admiring the vivid colors of flowers blossoming in reds, pinks and yellows and getting lost in the cerulean blue sky above, think again. While the atmosphere around us is changing, you can make some changes to your beauty routine to demonstrate your spring fever with these striking trends.

There’s no question that a bold lip is daring and sometimes difficult to pull off, but going matte with a crimson red shade is to die for this season. Various shades, from deep to orangey reds, are fun looks to try. Celebrities like Taylor Swift and Rihanna have rocked the red lip and have seemed to incorporate it as one of their signature on-the-go looks.

Another trend that is turning heads this season (in a good way) is the ever-so-chic cat eye. This winged eye is extremely versatile because it could be a day look or a night look, depending on how dramatic of a statement you’re looking to make. A dark eyeliner on your waterline can be used in the same way, since it adds major definition, making your eyes pop, and gives them a vibrant and fresh look.

If you’ve got long eyelashes and use mascara to help create your signature look, luxurious lashes with maximum volume will totally make a statement walking into any room this spring. Both playful and bold, you’ll want to bat your lashes at every passerby.

“I try to go for neutrals or playful springtime eyeshadow colors that pop, but nothing that is too dramatic or dark,” said junior Kelsey Kozak. “Also, since the sun is out more, I tend to like to have that natural glow with bronzers. For going-out wear, I’m always a fan of big and bold especially with winged eyeliner and fuller eye lashes.”

Making a beauty statement with your eyes this spring is the way to go, and so is a look you might have never thought of trying: bright blue and neon eyeliners. These liners make any eye color stand out. Harper’s Bazaar suggests shades of neon blue for green and blue eyes, and neon teal or sea foam green for brown eyes. The best part is that you don’t even need any other makeup to rock this look-just swipe on a clean line of blue or green liner on your lids or waterline and you’re good to go!

If your eyebrows are naturally bold, consider yourself lucky; shapely, thick brows are completely in this spring. Seventeen Magazine suggests filling in your brows with an eyebrow pencil and brushing your hairs down so they find their natural shape to help you to achieve spring’s perfect brow, similar to “Pretty Little Liars” star Lucy Hale.

“My favorite way to wear makeup in the spring is to not wear as much as I do in the winter,” said freshman Katelyn Reilly. “I normally don’t wear foundation in the spring. I just make my eyelashes look very long with a shimmery gold eye shadow and black eyeliner.”

Spring is also a good time to highlight your skin’s natural color.

“I tend to rely on the tan that I get from being outside more and wear nothing but a little bit of blush on my cheeks,” senior Kellie Furnald said. “Then for my eyes I just use some cream eyeshadow and mascara, and finally, some ChapStick for the lips.”

Now that you know how to get the hottest spring 2013 makeup trends, don’t be afraid to try out something new, or even stick to a classic look of your own. Most importantly, choose what expresses you both boldly and beautifully.