‘Admissions’ is Worth Accepting

The charming romantic comedy Admissions brought in about $6 million at the box office during its opening weekend of March 24, 2013. Tina Fey (30 Rock, Baby Mama) and Paul Rudd (Knocked up, I Love You, Man) star together in this comical film directed by Paul Weitz.

Portia Nathan, played by Tina Fey, is an admissions officer for Princeton University. Her job is to recruit freshmen and have them become a part of the Princeton community. Although this sounds like an easy job, Nathan runs into some trouble.

Nathan’s boyfriend of 10 years decides to leave her in the middle of a party they were hosting to start the family she always wanted with another woman. After Nathan is humiliated in front of all of her guests, she begins to obsess more over her work.

Not only does Nathan have romantic struggles, but she and her mother aren’t exactly the best of friends. So when Nathan decides to stay in her mother’s home for work purposes, she starts to feel even worse about herself.

After making a recruiting visit to New Quest, an alternative high school, she runs into an old college friend, John Pressman (Paul Rudd), who is a teacher there.

Pressman invites Nathan to dinner and proceeds to tell her that he has a particular interest in a student at New Quest because he thinks that the student might be the child Nathan gave up for adoption years ago.

Learning this, Nathan steps up to help this young man get into Princeton and risks her job to help her “son” become a better man.

In the meantime, Pressman and Nathan begin a romance that Nathan is initially completely opposed to. However, Nathan seems to become attached to Pressman’s possible son. What Nathan wants to be a casual romance becomes more than just a fling.

There are so many hilarious moments in the film that the audience may forget the seriousness of the plot line. The film has many twists and turns, but it is a great family movie to see with any family member 13 years or older.

If you want to laugh nonstop from beginning to end, this is the movie to see. According to IMDb, the film received 5 ½ stars out of 10.

The movie definitely isn’t a must-see, and we won’t be seeing any nominations for this film, but it certainly makes the audience laugh until they cry.

“The movie was great,” said senior Issy Franco. “I would definitely see it again.”