TNL Crowd Enjoys Hip-Hop Artist

Hip-hop artist Dumbfoundead had students leaping out of their seats at this week’s Tuesday Night Live. The audience in Friends Hall ditched their chairs to dance, sway and rock out to TNL’s hip-hop show. The show was co-sponsored by the College Programming Board and the United Asian Association in celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.

Fittingly, Dumbfoundead is a Korean-American rap artist based in the west coast. He was introduced to hip-hop at a young age and has since made a name for himself in the music industry.

“I’m hoping to hear what he has to say and living in California, how he got to where he’s at now and his experience coming here,” sophomore Kristin Andrada said.

Students spent their Tuesday night with Dumbfoundead for a number of reasons, and to be entertained and show their support for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month was among them. Sophomore Michael Dunn came to TNL to support Janet, the co-president of the United Asian Association.

“I came here to support Janet who made this all possible. She’s the co-president of UAA so when she found out that they were actually going to have Dumbfoundead come here she was super excited,” Dunn said. “He’s this really well-known rapper from the west coast so I thought I should definitely come out and see him perform. I had heard he’s really good live. Most rappers aren’t really that good live, so I came here to support Janet and see all that is Dumbfoundead.”

While Dunn isn’t a huge rap fan, he was ready for everything the night had to offer.

“This isn’t really my taste to be honest, but I’m open to all music. Rap is kind of at the bottom of my list but, hey, why not?” Dunn said.

The show had two student openers. The first to hit the stage was the hip-hop trio Pretty Basic. They got the crowd up on their feet with their two hip-hop songs. Next up was student opener Transit, who also warmed the audience up with three rap songs.

After the two openers, Dumbfoundead hit the stage to entertain the excited Ramapo crowd. Dumfoundead’s set included his songs “10 Rounds,” “Town,” “Cell Phone” and “Green.”

Dumbfoundead also introduced two other guest artists who performed a few songs of their own. Lyricks, the first guest rapper, included a cover of “Started from the Bottom” by Drake. The other guest performer, Decipher, came from Philadelphia to entertain the Ramapo crowd. Also spotlighted was DJ D-Struct who had his time to shine, along with the other artists featured.

After giving each of these performers their share of the stage, Dumbfoundead finished off the set with a few more of his songs, like “Are We There Yet,” and “Ganghis Khan.”

Freshman Alexa Torres thought the collaboration of the different artists was a high point of the show.

“The energy, the vibing off of each other. I loved it,” Torres said.

The Ramapo students couldn’t get enough of Dumbfoundead and the other performers’ energy and talent.

“I loved it. It was amazing. I loved the energy and I loved how all the artists expressed themselves in their own way. They engaged the audience. It was just amazing,” freshman Bianca Zelicskovics said.

Dumbfoundead and the other performers were a great addition to Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, and made this week’s TNL one to remember.