You’d think journalists would be good with change-having to report and write stories at the last minute, deal with breaking events, make split-second decisions and adapt to the 24/7 news cycle. You’d think we would be good with transitions and flexibility, but you’d be wrong.

As journalists, we’re sticklers for what we know. We’ve largely stuck with the same stylistic and design conventions since the beginning of (modern) time. We still follow all of the rules and guidelines set forth for print news, even though online journalism has opened up an entirely new world of possibilities in cyberspace. It’s safe to say we don’t really like to buck tradition, especially in the newsroom.

You can imagine what it’s like, then, to be around the same staff for the larger part of every week, to grow and learn with the same group of people, and to become so used to seeing the same faces at the same desks on the same days. I’m sure you can also imagine what an adjustment it will be, come the fall, when we won’t be working with some of these people any longer.

The Ramapo News, approaching our last issue, will soon have to say goodbye to seven of our wonderful editorial board members, as they graduate and move on to the next stages of their lives. True, they have to get through finals first, but the end of our production schedule wraps up one big part of their college careers.

Here’s a look at some of what we’ll miss the most about our colleagues, peers, and most importantly, our friends.

Amanda – As our second Creative Director, Amanda came on to our staff just this year but has certainly left her mark. She is a bundle of laughter and her humorous newsroom antics always lightened the mood. She even took the time to patiently mentor our younger designers, a job that wasn’t the most glamorous but was certainly appreciated. 

Andrew – No one matches our Sports Editor’s wit, wisdom and knack with words. The ever-cynical Andrew is a refreshing voice in our office and a model of dedication and commitment to his craft. We won’t miss his picky food habits, but we sure will be sad to see him (and his undeniable charm) go.

Danielle – The girl that knows everything, Danielle is an invaluable resource that we can’t bear to lose! Danielle has grown the most since joining our staff, and we are so proud of all that she has accomplished at Ramapo. We will miss her questions, her helping hand, and most of all, her bright smile.

Jake – There has been no better Viewpoints Editor than Jake, partly because he was the first to fill these shoes! But, what a standard he has set, helping to guide our opinions page to be thought-provoking, interesting, and, well, opinionated. He brought lively discussion, energy and a determined spirit to our newsroom, something we hope lives on after he graduates.

Kaitlin – Web Editor Kaitlin has worn many hats on our staff, but her position as our website guru and social media brain has truly helped our organization grow and thrive. We cannot begin to list all of the things she has contributed to the Ramapo News. And hey, for a political science major, she makes for a killer journalist.

Matt – Our original Creative Director Matt has breathed life not only into our stale print newspaper, but into our editorial board as well. He took on our massive website project with grace and ease, and we are eternally grateful for his savvy eye and incredible font choices. His DJ-ing, tech help, and, above all, his free spirit will most definitely be missed.

Rachel – As half of our news team, Rachel is quite literally the girl who does it all-with a brave face and a great smile! She always gives more than 100 percent to everything she takes on, which has set a great example for us all. Her patience, knowledge and fondness for corny jokes are just a few of the many things we will remember her by.

To you kiddos, we all wish you the best of luck. Don’t forget to visit!

That’s all the news for now (and until next year)-Nicole