Future Nurses to Partner with Cedar Grove School District

Ramapo undergraduate nursing students will have the opportunity to get community centered nursing experience from Ramapo's new partnership with the school district of Cedar Grove.

Qualified junior and senior nursing majors will be working with Cedar Grove's elementary, middle and high school where they will be tasked with providing students with health education.

Christopher Kinney, Cedar Grove's director of special education, coordinated with Kathleen Burke, assistant dean of nursing at Ramapo and Dr. Maisha Amen, assistant professor of nursing at Ramapo, to give Ramapo nursing students the chance to work in Cedar Grove's school district.

Students will circulate through the various schools in the district to experience all levels of education.

Ramapo students will focus on bringing the ideas of healthy eating and physical activity to the students of Cedar Grove's public school in congruence with Michelle Obama's healthy eating initiative.

Dr. Amen hopes that through engaging and energetic presentations, the nursing students will instill some "great habits at an early age" for these kids.

"It's going to be a very valuable partnership; Very cutting edge for the students, and starting good habits early for Cedar Grove's kids."